Workflow Automation Software

Workflow automation results in faster, more consistent work output. Automation means fewer errors throughout the process and within the finished product.

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Workflow automation software eliminates mundane, manual tasks by automating them. This creates a consistent workflow that isn’t prone to human error. It also frees up time to focus on your business rather than doing administrative tasks.

Workflow automation software solves issues caused by poor training or unclear processes because requirements are programmed into the workflow. An automated system doesn’t get fatigued, doesn’t rush through its work, and doesn’t waste time making accommodations for bad data. Automated workflows provide security—making it clear who can do what and tracks what occurs. By structuring controls and making it possible to move to the next step only if all requirements have been met, it eliminates oversights and misuse, and enforces better compliance

Workflow Automation Software

Laminin was very instrumental in streamlining the process and taking out the human error component …

Polly Corless, CFO


Intuition, LLC

Learn how Intuition reduced costs, reduced paper, and reduced the human error factor with workflow automation software.


  • Fewer errors and increased consistency: ensure that your procedures and followed
  • Lower costs: doing it right the first time avoids rework and costly errors
  • Increased productivity: process automation frees up time spent finding or creating documents
  • Better compliance and security: critical data can be found and handled correctly


Laminin Solutions specializes in helping business of all sizes transform and improve business processes for greater efficiency and profitability. We help you determine the opportunities for automation and recommend a solution unique to you. Some of the types of workflows we can automate include:

  • Document management including revisions, approvals, and storage
  • Accounts payable and receivable automation
  • Employee Expense reporting and administration
  • Data governance

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