What we do

Laminin is a business solutions consultancy. We offer a range of core services and specialise in development and implementation of selected business systems.

Products & Services

Experienced consultants and solution providers as Epicor Enterprise Services Partner; M-Files Solutions Provider and Interject Solutions Partner.

We provide consulting services and build custom solutions for products related to our partnerships using tools like MS Excel, MS SQL Server, Code On Time, and numerous other development platforms.
Contact us for your implementation, upgrade, integration and customization needs.

Laminin Solutions improved the speed and document flow of our quotation process in our sales office.

Lee LloydSales DirectorSpirit Circuits

Global Expertise

Laminin delivers its results by combining expertise in a range of related products with key individuals. Our global resources are combined to deliver maximum efficiency at minimum cost. Each region operates with its own unique expertise and focus areas. Click on the region for more information.

Our Regions

Laminin UK
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Three Pillars of Laminin

Laminin is built on three “pillars” which combined can improve the value of the information in your business and at the same time reduce the cost of having it.

Data Solutions

We believe that by changing the flow of information and integrate information by connecting data elements across platforms and systems can improve the efficiency of the business.   Business have potentially lucrative information locked in their CRM, ERP, ECM and other applications.

Business Intelligence

With improved business intelligence as business can understand its information better.  We use MS SQL server, Talend, Excel, and other tools to assist your team to understand the information better across multiple sources.

Information Training

We know by changing the behaviour working with information through coaching and training businesses gets better results. Laminin provides this training in order to remove specific blockages and improve workflow.


The Laminin ethos and focus are guided by our proprietary methodology RapidLeadInfo. This methodology is based on the principles of Lean (as in Lean Manufacturing) The Lean principles are tuned to maximize the value derived from information as a primary business resource while reducing information waste traps which increase unnecessary cost.

Steps to Better Data Management

Data Solutions to get the Right InformationWith the right data integration tools you can have access to the right information in your business. The steps below may need to be addressed to improve your data management.

Get It

Data enters the business in a variety of ways – through emails, post, contracts, invoices, telephone conversations, etc. You will have systems in place to capture that information and store it in your business.

Organise It

Unless you organise your information, you will end up with a huge pile of data and have no sense of what it is for, where it is from and what needs to be done. Most businesses use a variety of systems and organisational methods to manage their information.

Relate / Prove It

There is no value in having a piece of information if it doesn’t add value to your business. Data is interconnected between suppliers, customers, internal departments and functions, etc.

Present It

Reports, presentations, customer documents – you will take your information and need to present it to a colleague or customer in a form they can understand and connect with.

Use It

It is all good and well to have amazing systems to store and organise your data, but do you use your information to its highest potential. Information that is reused, improved upon and discarded when no longer needed is good information.

Our customers can see the benefits of improving their data management tools, read more about what they have to say. Think about your business, are there areas you can use the information available to you better? However big or small this needs is, we are looking forward to help you unlock your data.

Turn Information into Knowledge

The first 50 years of the information age was focused on automating the production of data and streamlining the processes in the business.

The next era which is now at hand is about turning all of it into insight, understanding and improved business intelligence.

Information only has value if it gets in the hands of someone that knows what to do with it.

Peter Ferdinand DruckerThe Drucker Institute

Improving Business Intelligence is:

Using the right tools; doing the right things with the tools and having the skills to use and interpret the information.

You Know Your Business Best

We help you and your staff to get the right information in the right format for the right purpose.