Intuition, LLC Creates Paperless Environment in Accounting

“Laminin was very instrumental in streamlining the process and taking out the human error component ...”

Polly Corless



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The Intuition portfolio of businesses has been providing solutions for jurisdictions, government entities and private industries for over twenty-five years. The common thread that ties all of their companies together is their dedication to providing clients with the highest quality solutions, allowing them to realize cost savings and increased efficiencies for their core business activities.


Intuition’s corporate accounting department provides accounts payable and receivable, employee expense reporting, and administration for each of the separate companies within their organization. Some of their processes, specifically in accounts payable, included manually keying invoices into Excel, coding them, printing and stapling the document to the invoice, and dropping them into a box.

The document would be reviewed for accuracy and then manually keyed into the accounting system. A check would be printed and mailed, a copy of the check would be stapled to the document, and then the entire thing would be filed.

Intuition, LLC is a $50 million company with thousands of vouchers going out each week. Clearly, this was a paper-heavy system with a high potential for human error. Fortunately, about six years ago, they were charged with the monumental task of moving from their very manual processes to a paperless environment.


And that’s where Laminin Solutions came in. Arnie Cilliers was already providing consulting and custom solutions for their Epicor Enterprise accounting system. He was asked to look at their processes to see how they could eliminate the need to manually key all of their data. Arnie suggested M-Files for the front-end automation process.

At this time, Intuition started working with Laminin Solutions to build out a paperless accounts payable process. Using MFSQL Connector, Laminin connected the M-Files and Epicor Enterprise systems. In addition, transactions could now be synced with their accounting and banking systems so Intuition could offer EFT transactions instead of paper checks. Remittance information could be sent automatically through email.

The company successfully automated its processes and took a huge step toward creating the paperless environment they wanted.


Data is now more readily available, Intuition has reduced costs, reduced paper, and reduced the human error factor from their workflows. Everything is automated.

But how much time was saved?

“I would equate it to multiple FTEs across the entire organization,” said Polly Corless, CFO of Intuition, LLC. She is also very pleased that their accounting process now involves almost no keying in of data. “Laminin was very instrumental in streamlining the process and taking out the human error component of it,” she said.

She went on to say, “The other thing we are using M-Files for is a repository. We can see expanding our scope to potentially add human resources files in the future.”

Employee files from applications, letters of recognition, pay increases, doctor’s notes, and more can be easily moved into M-Files, making it a repository of information. Files can be accessed quickly and simply, while also being updated automatically. This is another opportunity towards meeting their goal of a paperless environment.

“Our target was to move to a paperless process in an accounting environment, but we can see this being used for other verticals of our organization,” said Polly.


Epicor Enterprise and M-Files have together made a huge impact on the efficiency of Intuition. But it doesn’t stop there. Because Intuition’s current financial reporting tool, FRX, is no longer supported by Microsoft, Laminin helped them switch to Interject.

This robust, business report writer was the perfect solution because Interject syncs with M-Files and Epicor Enterprise to seamlessly provide reporting across systems.

Polly says Interject has “a tremendous amount of capability. It has a lot of functionality that we haven’t even explored. I can see it help us to become even more efficient and effective.”


When asked what it has been like working with Laminin, Polly was quick to answer. “They are incredibly knowledgeable, incredibly efficient, as well as methodical in their approach. Their project management is effortless because they put a lot of time into creating a successful process.”

In the future, she can also see Laminin being key in automating their accounts receivable. According to Polly, “We process thousands of invoices on a monthly basis that Laminin could help streamline.”

What would Polly say to others considering Laminin Solutions for their information management consulting?

“The visionary component that they bring to the table is instrumental to help streamline processes and gain efficiency. They understand the pain points and have the ability to work around those pain points as well. The emphasis they put on the project management side of the equation is critical to the success of the implementation.”

She describes Laminin as, “A small but agile company that puts its customers first.”


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