How to Develop a Document Management Workflow that Works for Gen-Z

You’ve heard of Gen-Z, but who is this generation, and what do they expect when they go to work? As Gen-Z graduates from college and enters the workforce, they are beginning to influence how the world works. This influence extends to the document management workflow system in your company.

Communicating with Gen-Z

Gen-Z includes people born from 1997-2012 which means some of them are now starting their careers. Their focus at work is much different from the nose-to-the-grindstone, work-hard-play-hard Millennials. Gen-Z is more interested in having a healthy work-life balance. The population who makes up this generation is prepared to work, but not at the expense of sacrificing its physical and mental health. They are more casual and authentic.

Gen-Z are growing up on short, instant communication using chat, text, and social media. Gen-Z prefers frank, to-the-point communication, and “in-person” communication. (In-person includes web-based calls.) Their writing style includes abbreviations, acronyms, and emojis. They expect regular communication from management and clear expectations for their work.

Gen-Z is the first fully “digital native” generation. They are very comfortable with using modern technology, but they are not accustomed to using email. Better communication platforms include posts on a company intranet, a video, or a group chat.

Gen-Z and Your Document Management Workflow System

Gen-Z missed the stage in computer development where home computers stored information in directories and subdirectories. Instead, they are used to working with platforms like Netflix, where information is presented in a flat, horizontal carousel category tree.

They are used to using systems like Google, where it’s straightforward to find the content they need. They expect to receive content recommendations, suggestions, and guided decisions. When these users get the requested results, they skim through web pages to determine if a page has what they seek. Only then do they slow down to review the content more thoroughly.

What does this mean for corporate document management workflow? Enterprise Content Management systems like M-Files® organizes documents based on what they are, not where they are, just as Gen-Z expects. Instead of searching through file folders, they can simply do a Google-type search for the information they need. M-Files’ unique approach to managing documents doesn’t rely on folders and directories.

M-Files provides companies with a faster and more organized way to work. It uses Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing to deliver documents with fewer clicks. Instead of spending time finding documents, the relevant content can come to the workers. The system enables automated processes that reduce repetitive tasks, freeing employees for more rewarding work and increasing overall productivity.

Does Your Document Management System Work for Gen-Z?

As Baby Boomers retire and Gen-Z enters the workforce, you can no longer rely on outdated systems to run your organization. What worked 10 years ago will no longer work today. If you are interested in learning more about modern document management workflows, we can help.

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