How Hybrid Workers Surmount Challenges with Enterprise Content Management Workflow

Enterprise content management workflow isn’t only for those in the same office. It’s the perfect solution for hybrid workers as well, delivering accurate and secure information and documents regardless of the worker’s location.

Today’s workforce isn’t what it used to be pre-pandemic.

Even with restrictions being eased or lifted in many places, a surprising number of workers still prefer to work from home or at least be given the option. Even if working from home isn’t an option, workplace teams are becoming more distributed with offices or departments located in multiple cities.

Hybrid Workers Growing in Number

According to research from Owl Labs, about 62% of employees work remotely at least occasionally. This research shows that a growing number of companies are choosing hybrid options, meaning they have a physical office but allow their workers to work from the office or remotely.

It’s an intelligent strategy considering that companies allowing remote work see an increase in profits, and 74% of workers say that having the option to work remotely would make them less likely to leave a company.

But how does a hybrid work option affect productivity, and what challenges does this type of work option create?

Potential Challenges

It may be surprising that hybrid workers have proven to be more productive because they have fewer distractions. But some factors make productivity challenging for workers when they opt to work from home.

One of those challenges is accessing the documents they need from their remote office as easily as they can from the traditional office. A second challenge is the security of those documents when an employee goes back and forth between their brick-and-mortar and home offices.

According to Upwork, by 2028, 73% of all departments are expected to have remote workers, which is why a solution to these challenges is essential to the future of business. Fortunately, the answer isn’t complicated, and it’s here right now.

Enterprise Content Management Systems Surmount the Challenges

Remote and hybrid workers can enjoy ease of use and functionality with the right enterprise content management system. Such a system overcomes the challenges of accessibility, security, and more.

For an employee to work efficiently wherever they are working each day, they need to be able to find, access, and manage the required documents to complete their task, no matter where those documents are stored. Yet, those documents also need to be secure, not accessible to just anyone.

It may sound impossible to have secure documents while also allowing employees to access them from a home office. The good news is, with M-Files, your company documents are easy to access by those who need access while still keeping them secure from those who shouldn’t have access.

With M-Files, where files are stored isn’t important. What the files contain is the critical factor in how they are accessed and who accesses them. This means whatever hybrid workers can do in the office, they can also do at home with ease.

That’s the power of enterprise content management, and that’s why your company needs M-Files. If you’re ready to learn more about this future-proof solution to hybrid work challenges, check out The Three Keys to Efficiency that Will Make Your Team a Winner When Working Remotely.

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