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Laminin Solutions is a business solutions company.
We offer intelligent information management software and document management consulting services that improve efficiency, allowing your business to run smoothly.


Optimize Information | Connect Solutions

We have a passion to improve the use of information. We believe business success comes from optimized information and connected solutions.

Even our name is all about connection. Laminin is a core protein found in our bodies that ties everything together. Without it, we couldn’t function. It’s the glue that holds everything together. Like our bodies, business is also a living organism, made up of cells, units, and flows. Business success depends on connections between information, systems, customers, suppliers, and staff.

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Business Process Experience | In-Depth Information Management Skills

Arnie Cilliers

Arnie Cilliers brought the Laminin Solutions franchise to the United States as the founder of Laminin Solutions USA. He currently serves as CEO and Solutions Director. He has a proven track record of achieving customer satisfaction over his 30 years of consulting. His passion is bringing IT and accounting together to increase financial effectiveness using technology.

With a degree in Accounting and Auditing, plus years of consulting and implementation experience in the ERP arena, Arnie understands the importance of Information Management and the need for business intelligence in its various forms to be readily available to the right person at the right time.

Arnie has an in-depth understanding of system analysis, systems integration, customization, and development along with a comprehensive understanding of day-to-day accounting principles and practices. In addition, Arnie is an expert in Microsoft SQL Server Development and Advanced Microsoft Excel, Epicor Enterprise, M-Files, and Interject. He is also a co-developer of MFSQL Connector and key advisor for Interject Financials for Epicor Enterprise.

Arnie not only works hard, he plays hard! He finds time to play tennis several times a week.

Le Roux Cilliers


The original founder of Laminin Solutions, Le Roux Cilliers is passionate about Information Management. He is a Qualified Chartered Accountant and has a master’s degree in Information Management, with a focus on producing quality information.

Le Roux’s specialty is helping businesses of all sizes to transform and improve business processes for greater efficiency and profitability. Based in the U.K., he has worked with large multi-national companies in the aerospace, defense, and telecommunications industries, and he has also started and directed SMB organizations. He brings this practical experience to assist other businesses in reducing the cost of information management and improving the use of all kinds of information.

Le Roux has lots of experience growing businesses—and plants! When he’s not in the office, you can find him in his garden.

Mark Thibodeau

Mark Thibodeau is the CFO and Director of ERP Solutions at Laminin Solutions. His business philosophy is “customer service first.” That focus is evident in the long-term relationships he has developed with his clients. Mark works with organizations to adopt new technology that streamlines business processes and increases their customer and employee satisfaction.

Mark is a CPA with a background in public and private accounting. In addition, he has many years of experience in ERP software implementation and development. His skills include Epicor ERP and Enterprise, CRM, M-Files, Interject, and SQL Server. 

Mark is driven by increasing the efficiency of his clients’ businesses. In his spare time, if any, he enjoys a drive of a different type—preferably straight down the fairway!

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