What’s New with M-Files: Q2 2023

Like any good software company, M-Files continually releases updates to better serve their customers. The latest M-Files updates include many new features as well as some tweaks to the existing software. We’ve collected all the most important recent updates so that you can stay informed about the new capabilities of this powerful software. 

New Help Center

We all need a little help from time to time. If you need help locating a feature, performing a task, or optimizing your implementation of M-Files, you now have access to the M-Files Help Center. This help center is an online portal that contains many tutorial videos as well as written and visual guides.

To see the help center in action, check out this video.

User Satisfaction Queries 

Customer satisfaction is a priority at M-Files. Now, certain satisfaction queries may pop up occasionally in your M-Files interface. While you can decline to answer the questions, M-Files will take any feedback into account. User input is crucial to deliver the best software experience possible. 

Compliance Kit Update 

The M-Files Compliance Kit helps users maintain compliance with regulatory requirements by providing pre-configured templates, workflows, and policies. It enhances data security, provides a complete audit trail of all user activity, and creates standard operating procedures.

The main update to the Compliance Kit is that you can now set the program to log all its behavior. This setting allows users to troubleshoot interactions between modules, analyze performance bottlenecks, and gain visibility into the functions of the software.

This update also includes a few bug fixes. 

Microsoft Teams and Enhanced Outlook Integration 

The new enhanced Microsoft Teams integration allows your employees to seamlessly collaborate with anyone—even those outside your company—on M-Files. External users will not get access to your entire system, though: you can limit their access as strictly as you would like. To learn more about this integration as a whole, click here.

The updated Outlook integration replaces the old Repstor Outlook add-in. With automatic email filing, the ability to capture entire email threads, and a powerful search function, email attachments will be a thing of the past. We’ve covered this integration in more detail here. To learn more about this integration, click here.

Hubshare Update

M-Files Hubshare is a client experience booster that lets you create branded, customized hubs for your clients. All relevant interactions can be viewed on one screen, making collaboration and information sharing easy. For more information about Hubshare, check out our blog or our Hubshare webinar.

There have been many updates to Hubshare recently. Firstly, you can now export and import hub configurations, saving time if you’re setting up multiple hubs. You can also now install Hubshare on-premises, not just in the cloud. In addition, to prevent confusion, two user groups can no longer have the same name. 

Haven’t Implemented M-Files Yet? We Can Help. 

To learn more about M-Files, check out our product page and blog. If you’re ready to boost your company’s efficiency and profitability, our experts at Laminin can help you implement, integrate, and customize the software to best fit your business’s unique needs. Contact us today to get started.