Microsoft Teams Document Management Made Seamless and Secure

Microsoft Teams document management

Microsoft Teams document management makes collaboration easy and seamless. This is true whether your teams are working in the office or from home. However, ease of access to all the necessary information for a project may still be a concern. This is where the M-Files and Microsoft Teams integration makes an impact. M-Files empowers employees to work smarter and more efficiently, while also increasing security and compliance.

Understanding User Needs

One of the biggest issues teams face during collaboration is being able to access a wide variety of information across multiple systems. Often, users struggle with finding the most recent versions of files and documents, while other users may find it difficult to locate where the needed information was stored.

These issues can slow your project in one of two ways. Either employees must take extra time to locate the necessary information, or they take shortcuts by using what they can access the easiest. This may seem like it’s saving time; however, it actually creates more work when these files are not the correct, most up to date project files.  

Quite simply, employees need to easily find the correct documents so they are able to complete a project quickly and accurately. This need can be filled with an integrated search feature that integrates Microsoft Teams with the other information systems that employees need to use.

Microsoft Teams Document Management

The problem with Microsoft Teams alone is that it is divided into channels. Each channel creates its own folder which may not be accessible to everyone. Some documentation may be found in duplicate folders, while other documentation may not be found unless the user has access to a specific folder. Because all information isn’t accessible from one central location, users may not be able to find or access the information they need for a project, resulting in inefficiency, incomplete or inaccurate project task and projects.

M-Files integration solves this issue by incorporating a simple search function based on keywords that allows the user to find exactly what they need without having to look in various repositories. This obviously saves a tremendous amount of time, which also allows projects to be completed with less chance for errors or misinformation.

Information Security

The integration of M-Files and Microsoft Teams allows for all Teams’ data to be archived securely. You can then set permission for the people who should have access to specific documents without worry that an unauthorized user is able to access sensitive information. Clearly this not only minimizes risk, but also simplifies compliance and information governance.

Increased security also means being alert to unusual requests for information. These requests can be prevented, or a notification can be created so potential security breaches are immediately shut down.

Microsoft Teams document management and M-Files empowers employees to work smarter and more efficiently, while also increasing security and compliance. It may seem too good to be true, but it’s more than just a possibility. With M-files, we can help you make it a reality in your organization.

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