Hubshare and M-Files: Fewer Meetings for Higher Productivity

Have you ever felt like you can’t get any work done because all your time is taken up with meetings? If so, you’re not alone. Often, it feels like more time is spent planning than actually doing work, which is not very productive.

Challenges to Productivity

empty meeting room with laptop and upward arrow to represent Hubshare and M-Files Fewer Meetings for Higher Productivity

In general, executives feel they spend far too much time on pointless interactions that drain their energy and cause them to become overwhelmed with information. The key to productivity is to increase speed by making every collaboration valuable. To do this, having fewer meetings and finding better ways to share information is necessary.

According to a survey from McKinsey, three primary opportunities exist to overcome the challenge of increasing the speed at which strategic directions are adjusted, tactical decisions are made and implemented, and resources are deployed. These opportunities are improving internal communication and collaboration, enhancing decision-making mechanisms, and using technology more effectively.

Improving Internal Communication and Collaboration

There is undoubtedly a time and place for internal meetings, but often the workday is wasted on meetings that accomplish nothing of value. Improving internal communication and collaboration can eliminate these meetings while increasing overall productivity.

When you connect Hubshare and M-Files, you can optimize your internal communications for the most efficiency. It is possible to communicate internally on projects, documents, and ideas with various departments within your company, add comments to documents or share a discussion with your team to build a knowledge base.

You can enhance the performance of your teams and centralize your data in one dynamic workspace that can serve your data storage, file sharing, and project management needs. Additionally, you can create an electronic agenda for events and tasks within the organization.

Improving Decision-Making Mechanisms

There are two types of decision-making interactions: those that are complex and require a certain amount of interaction to implement, and routine decisions typically based on defined protocols. Usually, those routine decisions can be simplified through M-Files and Hubshare.

By creating a dynamic calendar, you can easily schedule routine events, as well as projects and appointments. And because the calendar is available on any device, all members of the Hub can view and track it, making it easier to manage workloads. Project deadlines and other critical data on progress are shared in real-time, so decision-makers are fully equipped to make fast, informed decisions.

At the same time, those not part of the decision-making process are not distracted by information they don’t need. Clear roles make navigation easier for employees, speed up decision-making, and result in more customer-focused decisions.

Using Technology More Effectively

You already know that cutting-edge technology is critical to the success of any business, but when that technology isn’t used to its fullest, there is little to be gained. When everyone on your team understands how to use the technology at hand, they are empowered to find solutions to get more work done in less time.

Start by implementing M-Files and Hubshare. Together, these platforms give your team the power of seamless collaboration through a single interface that can access volumes of data. This single interface allows documents to be accessed securely by anyone who needs it, and everyone is assured of getting one up-to-date version—even large files of bulk documents.

Once you make the upgrade, ensure your team is fully trained in the use of this time-saving platform. They will quickly see the benefits and appreciate how much time is saved by eliminating unnecessary meetings and low-value collaborations.

M-Files Meets the Challenge

Any organization can improve productivity, speed, and innovation through high-quality, focused interactions. Limiting live information sharing and concentrating on discussion and decisions is a good way to accomplish this. M-Files and Hubshare can help you make it happen. Learn more by contacting us today.