Give Clients the Best Digital Experience with M-Files and Hubshare

These days, it’s not unusual to hear someone say they work from home, and M-Files has led the way to make collaboration in the work environment more accessible and more streamlined.

But what about how you collaborate and work with clients? Once again, M-Files has the solution: M-Files 

M-Files and Hubshare

and Hubshare integration is now available to make client collaboration seamless and straightforward.

M-Files and Hubshare – A Better Way to Work Together

M-Files acquired Hubshare to make client collaboration more organized by allowing you to create different hubs for each client while having access to those hubs from one dashboard. They can access everything, from emails to files to documents, through their client portal. You can even brand your workspace to your company.

Seamless, digital collaboration customized to your client’s needs will make them happier and increase retention. If collaboration isn’t your biggest need, you’ll still benefit from M-Files and Hubshare integration because you’ll be able to share information with clients who like to monitor progress. You can easily manage and visualize projects over time so clients, partners, and colleagues can be kept up to date, all on one platform.

Project Management

When you connect M-Files and Hubshare, you can create a full view of your projects while also having easy access to the individual tasks of each project, making project management easier than ever.

Each team member can be assigned specific tasks that are updated as tasks are completed. Clients can see the overall progress of their project and will feel more at ease knowing the data they are looking at is up to date.

You’ll also have a dynamic calendar that allows you to schedule appointments, projects, and events. Other Hub members can view the calendar as well, making it easier to keep workloads manageable. You can also organize by task, project, or client so you can better track workloads and progress.

Of course, all of this is made even better with M-Files intelligent information management.

Internal and External Collaboration

How else can this new M-Flies integration benefit you? For starters, you can create a dedicated intranet for your team to make internal communication more accessible, even in this work-from-anywhere age.

Your team can easily share documents, collaborate, and share ideas with other team members in other departments, making your team feel stronger. Customize your shared dashboard to reflect your company, and team members from all over the world will feel connected. They will find their tasks easier because they have easy access to whatever they need from the M-Files central repository, which helps them be more productive and satisfied with their work.

The power of HubShare is that the functionality isn’t just for your internal team. You clients can also customize a dashboard that allows them to see what’s going on with their project. They can also communicate and collaborate however they prefer. Clients will appreciate being able to monitor their projects and see progress while also expressing their needs and ideas along the way.

Offer Your Team and Clients the Best Experience

With the new M-Files and Hubshare integration, you can provide your team with the best possible work experience while also offering your clients the best possible digital experience. How can you lose?

To learn more about how you can create the best digital experience for your clients, contact Laminin Solutions today.