How to Keep Document Control in a Remote Work Environment

The recent remote worker boom since Covid took the scene has made document control more important than ever. According to a pre-pandemic survey by M-Files, 93% of workers are unable to find a document because it has been poorly named or filed. If this is a problem within the office environment, imagine how much more of an issue it is for employees working from home.

Document control

With M-Files, information can be searched for and found using different criteria depending on the use case. Efficient document control makes it simple to protect sensitive documents as well as making remote collaboration easier. For companies that are new to remote working conditions, solutions for these issues may be the only way to stay in business and operate competitively.

Automated Workflows in a Remote Environment

The value of automated workflows in a remote working environment cannot be overstated. In an office environment, automated workflows save time and make workers more efficient. In a remote work environment, it may be the only realistic way to complete a team-based task.

How much easier is it to have important documents sent directly to those who need them for collaboration, signatures, approvals, and filing instead of having to print them and track down the needed people? Not only does an intelligent information system store documents, it can move documents and tasks through their designed processes. Individuals can get alerts when a task requires their attention.

Centralized document management eliminates the problems of using email for workflows as well. Instead of searching through countless emails to find the needed information, everything can be accessed from a central repository. There are no concerns about having the correct version of a document, or the wrong people having access to the document. This brings us to the next topic.

Document Control Improves Security

In a remote work environment, there is always the concern of security. Data may accidentally be shared with the wrong people, sent to the incorrect email address, or just lost in cyberspace. Additional security issues may arise if information that gets printed at the home office.

While M-Files can read and manage metadata from external sources, it can also be used as a central data repository.

Simplified Forms and Documents

Even in this digital age, some document-intensive departments still rely on paper for forms and other documents, particularly in areas such as human resources where there are many employment documents or accounting which requires the organization of expenses and accounts receivable.

Document management minimizes the need for paper forms by allowing documentation to be located, filled out, signed, shared, and approved without workers having to leave their desks or sort through piles of paperwork that may be misfiled or outdated. Not only does this help home workers reduce clutter and feel more organized, but it also keeps those in the office from having to track down the right people to complete and/or sign documents.

Automatic Digital Archiving

Once a document is finalized, it can be automatically filed away securely. When documents are stored in the central M-Files repository, there is no worry of losing important data on a remote computer that has been damaged or a remote worker who has lost their internet connection due to a power outage or other issue.

No matter where your employees are working, your data is safe, organized, and easy to access without the need to come into the office. Document control allows your company to function normally, even in the new remote workspace. In fact, using M-Files for document management will give you the edge over your competition by keeping data organized and classified while it also reduces entry errors and improves data quality.

These are just a few examples of how document control makes remote work more efficient. You’ll find plenty more in our eBook, The Ten Commandments for Controlling Your Information within a Remote Work Environment. If you’re still not convinced how document control can make your business stronger, schedule a demo and see for yourself! Your remote team will appreciate the simplified work environment and your bottom line will appreciate the increase in productivity. You have nothing to lose except document chaos.