For Compliance and Collaboration, M-Files and Google Workspace Offer Perfect Balance

You might be surprised to learn that M-Files and Google Workspace can work perfectly together to help your company balance compliance and collaboration. On its own, each platform has much to offer businesses today, and together, they are a powerhouse combination for businesses of any size.

Both compliance and collaboration are simplified 

and streamlined when these business solutions are used together. This all adds up to a more efficient business. And the more efficient a business is, the more likely it will be profitable as well.

Streamlined Compliance Process

If your business has difficulty storing documents and email for long-term preservation to comply with regulations, you already realize that Google Workspace alone isn’t up to the task. It isn’t completely secure because there is no guarantee that Gmail or Google Drive data will not leave the country of origin, and this can create a huge problem.

M-Files for Google G Suite eliminates this issue before it becomes a problem. Emails, attachments, and metadata can be saved from Gmail to M-Files, allowing long-term preservation and better access for teams. Google documents can also be converted to PDF or Microsoft Office file formats and held in M-Files, providing a complete audit trail.

Managing and controlling sensitive data in M-Files with automatic version control, document permissions, automatic workflows, assignments, and notifications, such as review and approval workflows, allows companies to streamline processes and ensure strict data privacy regulations.

Collaboration Made Easy

Google Drive offers workflow as a third-party add-on, but it can only be used for securing approvals for specific documents. This is part of what makes collaboration with Google difficult. If you need to limit certain documents for approval by key stakeholders, this can also be tricky using only Google Drive.

Collaboration becomes more accessible with M-Files and Google Workspace because you can add M-Files metadata to Google Drive documents and then organize content dynamically by the customer, projects, author, date, or any other metadata attribute that fits your needs. Documents can also be assembled for approval by key stakeholders during critical stages of the development process.

You can automate your document collection, review, and approval process so that new phases of development can be triggered once the previous stage is complete. The workflow capabilities of Google Drive alone are insufficient to meet these kinds of project management requirements.

When used together, M-Files and Google Workspace offer improved productivity by automating and streamlining critical business document processes. Put simply, its collaboration made easy across the board.

Balance Convenience and Business Needs

In today’s collaborative and virtual world, Google Drive is a familiar, low-cost, essential tool. Nevertheless, it is not designed in such a way as to ensure compliance with regulations and an effective control of all risks. That’s why M-Files and Google Workspace offer the perfect balance of convenience and compliance in business collaborations.

M-Files provides businesses with a single source of data that is essential for audits when you need your business to be fully compliant. It makes collaboration simple and seamless while organizing data in a logical and accessible manner.

Google Workspace offers important features for businesses and M-Files compliments and enhances those features. This results in higher productivity as well as higher profits.

If you’re ready to learn more about how M-Files and Google Workspace can provide the perfect balance for your business, contact us today.