Customized Software Solutions to Make Your Business Excel

Your business is growing, and you need information management software solutions that grow with it. Why do you need customized software solutions for your business? Because your business has an advantage when you have software customized to the unique needs of your niche.

Generic accounting programs and spreadsheets were fine when you were just starting out, but you’ve evolved beyond them, and so has your competition. You need to use every edge you can get to propel your business into the future.

Laminin Gives You the Edge

Fortunately, Laminin offers unique solutions for every business to give you the edge you need. You don’t have to take our word for it, though. You can see what our customers have to say.

OCCU: Clients Since 2006

Oklahoma Central Credit Union has grown significantly since its inception in 1941. They started using Interject in 2019 and have remained loyal customers because Laminin understands their unique needs and provides them with the right systems to meet those needs. When it comes time to update their accounting system, they already know they will get a compatible system with Interject.

First South Credit Union: Support Makes All the Difference

In its early days, FSCU kept important records in file folders. As the credit union grew, this just wasn’t enough to stay organized. It was time for a change, so they implemented M-Files to organize data and comply with local regulations. To make the transition easier, they also used MFSQL Connector.

“We knew early on that there was an option of doing it without Laminin and MFSQL Connector, but we knew we’d hit limitations,” said IT Manager John O’Mahony.

Ultimately, they chose Laminin for their expertise and for the support the credit union needed.

“If we would have gone a different way and not used Laminin Solutions for M-Files implementation and MFSQL Connector, our experience would have been completely different, and probably not for the better.”

Intuition, LLC: Taking Out the Human Error Component

Intuition, LLC has been providing solutions for jurisdictions, government entities, and private industries for over 25 years. As they grew, they realized they needed to move beyond manual accounting processes and switch to a peerless environment.

Laminin provided custom solutions for their Epicor Enterprise accounting system by adding M-Files for the front-end automation process. MFSQL Connector was used to connect Epicor to M-Files. Now they not only use less paper, but they also have data that is easy to access, they’ve reduced costs, and they’ve been able to eliminate human error.

“Laminin was very instrumental in streamlining the process and taking out the human error component …” said Polly Corless, CFO.

Customization: The Common Thread

What do these examples have in common besides the growing pains of a successful business? Customization. Each one got a customized software solution that met their individual needs. But why is this so important?

Each business has its own processes and priorities. Off-the-shelf software ignores this, so you may end up with features you don’t need at the expense of the features you require to grow. As you grow, you may offer your customers more 

Business, technology, internet and network concept. Young businessman thinks over the steps for successful growth: Customization

services, products, or options. A custom software solution can evolve with your business instead of becoming outdated and useless.

Modern Solutions for Modern Businesses

When choosing software for your business, you need something that increases productivity and is scalable. Beyond those things, your needs may look very different than those of your competitors.

Today’s businesses need modern solutions that will grow into the future, not something that will be an anchor when it becomes outdated. Laminin is ready to create customized software solutions to make your business excel. Contact us today to get started.