OCCU Says Working With Laminin Is Like Having Your Own Office Guru

“To have someone that is so knowledgeable … is just priceless.”

Jo Kelso




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Oklahoma Central Credit Union was founded in 1941 with 27 charter members. Today, they have over 45,000 members and 10 branches. With the mission statement of, “Make a difference in the lives of our employees, members and the communities we serve,” OCCU understands the value of making each of their members feel like family. Perhaps this is why they have been clients of Mark Thibodeau of Laminin Solutions since 2006.



OCCU started using Epicor Enterprise in early 2006 and it has been their core accounting system for the entire bank. Over the years, Mark has provided Epicor installation, training and support, and custom applications. Recently, he recommended Interject to replace Microsoft’s FRX as their financial reporting software. The choice to switch to Interject was partially due to the strong relationship that Mark has built with the credit union.

Even when they upgrade their accounting software someday, “We will get a system that is compatible with Interject,” said Jo Kelso, Controller at OCCU.


Why? Because they want to continue working with their personal “guru,” Mark, who has made them feel like his mostimportant client over the years of their working relationship. “He will definitely have an input on any future software purchases.”


Mark knows how to make OCCU feel special. Jo says her team appreciates that Mark is always responsive, and always available when they need him. He’s solved the unsolvable problems, worked weekends, and helped Jo’s team learn how to use their software. Mark is like a part of the team.

“You always feel like you’re their only client,” says Jo. “We have never run across anything that Mark hasn’t been able to fix.”

Relationship longevity has other benefits as well. Jo and her team don’t just feel special. They also have the best solution for their unique needs because they work with someone who has expertise in what they do. Mark didn’t just sell them a system; he connected them with the right system that would provide exactly what the credit union needed, because he knows what they do just as well as they do.

Mark understands the special needs of his clients and works from a “let me help you” standpoint, not a “let me sell you” standpoint. When it comes to building strong business relationships, that makes all the difference in the world.


When asked what Jo would say to others considering Mark and Laminin Solutions, her answer came easily.

“I know there are a lot of people who will tell you they know how to do X, Y, and Z. When Mark says he can do it, he isn’t just saying he’s seen it or been exposed to it. If he says he can do it, he’s a guru at it. To have someone that is so knowledgeable … is just priceless. He’s so responsive and takes his job seriously. He’s the best of the best.”

And Jo would know about being the Best of the Best. Her people live it every day.

“We know who our boss is. Our boss is our members and we do everything we can to provide them a great experience.”

Not only does OCCU provide amazing service to their members, but in 2019 they were also awarded a Diamond Award for their website, which recognizes outstanding marketing and business development achievements in the credit union industry.

The main focus of Oklahoma Central Credit Union is to make a difference in their community. Maybe that’s why they appreciate working with a company who cares about making a difference in their business. That’s why they continue to work with Laminin Solutions.


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