5 Top Trends in Document Management Systems

Following trends may seem like vanity, but it could mean your company’s survival in the business world. That’s because the top trends in document management represent cutting-edge technology that can keep you ahead of your competitors.

Take a look at five top trends in document management systems and see how your company can get ahead of the pack.

Document Management Systems (DMS) Online Document Database and automated processes to manage files, knowledge, and documents in an organization effectively with ERP, enterprise business technology.

1.   Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been trending for a while now for large corporations. Today, AI is radically changing information management for small businesses too. Employees can spend more time on long-term goals by utilizing AI, particularly in areas such as knowledge management, business process management, security, and compliance.

AI also eliminates the need for employees to rely on siloed, manual tasks by automatically giving key personnel access to the information they need when they need it. Ease of access makes collaboration simpler and security stronger for a more effective workflow.

2.   Cloud Storage

With cloud-based document management systems, users can easily access their documents, add notes to distinguish one file from another, and categorize each according to its content without retyping data. This ease of access makes collaboration possible and allows remote employees quick access to important data no matter where they work.

Cloud storage also eliminates the concerns over the size of your server. You can start small and scale up or down as needed. Scalability also keeps costs down. You won’t need a data center when you have cloud storage, so you only have to pay for your needed resource usage.

3.   Mobile Access

Remote work gained a strong foothold during the Pandemic, and most sources believe it’s here to stay. Workers must have access to documents from anywhere, including their mobile phones. For this reason, mobile access is one of the biggest trends in document management systems today.

As in-person meetings and paper processes are eliminated in the mobile work environment, document management systems are expected to place an even greater emphasis on workflow capabilities, disaster recovery, incident tracking/reporting, and automation.

4.   Stronger Security

Going hand-in-hand with a more remote workforce, strong security features are vital for the most cutting-edge document management systems. With cybercrimes on the rise, even small businesses need enterprise-level security to keep personal information safe and comply with security regulations.

Intelligent information management systems, like M-Files, ensure data is accessible only by those who have been granted access and provide audit trails to prove it. This makes human errors leading to security breaches a thing of the past.

5.   Affordability and Cost Reduction

Even as document management systems become more advanced, they are also becoming more affordable. The document management system market is highly competitive, and businesses benefit as vendors offer more features and better prices.

Affordability goes right along with cost reduction and ROI. You’ll see a faster ROI with an affordable system, which will also reduce your overall business costs. Intelligent document management systems give you a full picture of your business processes, allowing you to make smart decisions in a timely manner. These decisions include inventory and stock purchases, expense management, and more.

Take Advantage of the Trends in Document Management Systems

You don’t have to be a huge corporation to take advantage of the top trends in today’s document management systems. M-Files offers the latest technology and systems customized for your unique business needs. Contact us today. Our experts are here to help your business grow.