How AI in Document Management Makes All the Difference

M-Files Intelligent Search

How can artificial intelligence or AI in document management make your business run better? By making it more efficient, more accurate, and more secure.

Is it really possible for automation to make that big of a difference? It’s not only possible; it’s happening in organizations everywhere. Maybe it’s time for you to make it happen in your organization using the intelligent search available through M-Files.

How AI in Document Management Can Streamline Your Business

Nearly half of workers say that it’s challenging and time-consuming to find the documents they need. One huge advantage of an intelligent document management system is that it ensures documents are correctly tagged and categorized. When documents are correctly organized, finding them again when you need them is simplified.

Even if employees don’t know how, or forget, to classify documents, the automatic intelligence in M-Files can prompt them to input the needed tags and classification. This means no more lost or misclassified documentation. Everything is easily found with a simple search.

How simple?

If employees know how to use Google, they know how to find the right document. M-Files is equipped with an easy search function that is as simple as typing in the keyword and seeing the results.

But filing documents isn’t the only way M-Files saves time.

Create Structure From Chaos

Much of the information that comes into a company is difficult to organize and utilize. A great example is the volume of texts and emails that are received each day. Not only are these difficult to track, but it’s virtually impossible to use them in meaningful ways to help a business.

Until now.

Intelligent search can be used to sort through this previously disorganized tangle of data to predict which customers are likely to buy what product. It’s almost like having a crystal ball to give your company a competitive edge over the competition. This is a perfect example of the difference between intelligent information management and ordinary document management.

Use this information to create a follow-up list of clients who look to you to anticipate their needs and meet them. You’ll quickly create strong customer loyalty because now you’re not just selling products, you’re making their lives easier, too.

This kind of information can also be used to automatically create contracts that have auto-generated information. Think about how many times you have to put the same information into page after page in a contract. How much time would it save you to have that information already there?

Security Made Simple

AI in document management also simplifies compliance and security. M-Files intelligent search can scan and flag sensitive information. It can also protect that information from unauthorized requests, keeping it safe from hackers and data thieves.

Even with this information tucked safely away, you can still access what you need quickly and easily, anytime you need it, and from whatever device you are using. Now that’s intelligent information management!

We haven’t even touched on how much more secure information is when it’s not all printed out on paper for anyone to see. When it’s easy to use intelligent search to quickly find the data and documents you need, there is no need to print out sensitive information. Therefore, sensitive information is less vulnerable to prying eyes.

Less paper is good for the environment, but it goes far beyond that. Reducing paper saves money, increases efficiency, and improves security. It’s a seemingly minor thing, but it makes a huge impact on your business.

Streamlined Processes for Easier Workflows

Intelligent search makes everyday workflows easier and faster. Take the hiring process as an example. First, resumes can be searched for specific keywords that show needed qualities or skills for the position. Finding the right candidate is suddenly much faster.

Upon hire, the employment contract can be pre-filled with information about the new employee that was previously gathered during the hiring process.

As that new employee learns the job, the system can prove automatic prompts so that tagging and categorizing of files aren’t skipped or forgotten. There are also fewer errors, redundancies, and misplaced files because the document management system watches for these things and notifies the employee when a possible mistake is made.

Taming the Chaos Is Smart Business

It’s no secret that businesses are overwhelmed with information chaos. Smart businesses tame that chaos with intelligent information management powered by intelligent search to make day-to-day tasks easier than ever before.

Learn how to use all that chaos to your advantage by scheduling a demo today.