The M-Files Office 365 combination is just the ticket for saving time and improving teamwork for your company. On its own, MS Teams saves workers nearly a half-hour per day thanks to more efficient communications and fewer emails. That’s a big plus and one of the reasons teams love to use Office 365.

But there is still room for improvement.

When it comes to improved collaboration and saving time, the benefits are exponentially better when M-Files and Office 365 work together. In fact, users report saving as much as a full workday! What could your team accomplish with an extra day to work on a project? With Intelligent Information Management, you will be surprised at how much more you can get done in less time than you ever imagined.

M-Files Office 365 Integration

Your employees may balk at the idea of learning a new set of programs and tools. But implementing the M-Files Office 365 integration is simple and painless. Employees won’t have to worry about learning a whole new suite of programs because M-Files provides access to needed data, no matter where it’s stored, via the tools they are already using.

There is also no need for data migration. Using M-Files, information across multiple repositories can be easily accessed right from Office 365. If you have data stored on OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive, for example, it can easily be accessed through Microsoft SharePoint Online, Outlook, and Teams. Employees won’t need to navigate between different systems to find the information they need.

Not only can data be found easily, but with M-Files you also benefit from other content services, including cloud and on-premises repositories, version history, security, workflows, electronic signatures, compliance support, and more.

Ease of Use Means a Stronger Team

Not only is it easier for employees to find what they need, but it’s easier to collaborate on projects because they can continue to use the interface they know and feel comfortable with. This saves time and allows them to focus on the work at hand, instead of figuring out how to integrate projects so everyone can work together.

More work in less time means fewer headaches and higher productivity. At the same time, the digital workplace is enhanced with stronger business process automation, governance, and compliance. How would your organization benefit from this home run combination?

Security Made Simple

Security of sensitive information can be simplified in several ways. One is the elimination of paperwork. Automated workflows make the need for paper nearly obsolete. In turn, this greatly minimizes the possibility of important papers ending up in the wrong hands or even lost on someone’s desk.

Another security measure is that only the people who should see specific data have access to it. Users simply tag WHAT the document is, and pre-determined M-Files metadata permissions provide access to those who need it no matter WHERE the document is located.

You can also automatically set up permission for sensitive documents based on an individual’s access rights. There is no worry of information being passed to the wrong people, making compliance a breeze.

Flexibility and Productivity

Office 365 and M-Files is the perfect partnership to promote productivity while ensuring flexibility in your organization. Employees get easier access to what they need for seamless collaboration, without having to learn a whole new suite of products. Instead, they can continue using the Office 365 products they already know and depend on to complete important tasks.

M-Files automates workflows by managing, organizing, and connecting the right information to the right people. Projects such as contract approvals or other processes are completed more quickly and efficiently with less chance for errors. Flexibility and productivity actually fit together for a more positive work environment overall. Your employees will appreciate it and so will your bottom line.

If you’re ready to learn more, download our eBook, Combining Microsoft Office 365 and M-Files, and schedule your demo with Laminin Solutions.