Improve Security and Compliance with M-Files

Compliance requirements are constantly changing, and they differ between regions and industries. It’s no wonder there is an increased need for data security and compliance.

With the growing volume of data that must be monitored, and procedures that must be followed, complying with regulations and maintaining data security can seem like an overwhelming task. Security threats seem to multiply by the day, particularly with the increase in remote and hybrid work.

Fortunately, an intelligent information management system can automate security and compliance, safeguarding your business and reputation.

Challenges to Compliance

There are a variety of factors that make compliance a challenge in today’s business landscape. One of those challenges is control over documents and other data. More than half of companies use at least three different systems to store documents and records, and more than 20% use at least five. Without tools to gain visibility and control over siloed systems and repositories, keeping track of all corporate data scattered across multiple silos can be challenging.

Human error is another issue that affects data security. Estimates are that human error causes 88% of data breaches. The culprits may be a lost or stolen device with sensitive information, inadequate device protection, or phishing attacks.

Whatever the reason, M-Files offers an additional layer of security through metadata, which lets you control data based on its contents rather than its location. Roles, workflow stages, or other relevant metadata attributes can drive security and policies.

Why Extra Security Is Important

By adding an extra layer of security, access management for internal and external users becomes automated and much easier to maintain than the tedious process of managing rights in a folder structure. The right information management system can integrate various security measures to protect data while in transit or at rest, such as data loss prevention, encryption, print, and download protection.

In addition to protecting against data breaches, intelligent information management systems can also defend against cyberattacks like ransomware. When a document or other data is accessed, automatic version control can create a new version, making it easy to roll back to the previous version. Organizing, accessing, sharing, and managing documents requires an information management system that automates this process.

Automation Supports Accuracy, Ensures Security

Security and compliance aren’t just about eliminating human error. Built-in automation supports the creation, editing, proofing, and approving of official documents. An example of the value of M-Files automation is in credit union document management, where it uses automated steps to ensure proper management, such as permanent archiving or deletion of data in the future.

Day-to-day business processes are faster and more accurate. You can eliminate paper-based processes as data is digitized while ensuring data security and integrity and automatically enforcing regulatory requirements and internal mandates.

Get The Right System

M-Files is the system you need if you’re ready to rely on a more accessible, efficient system for managing content and documents while improving security and compliance. Find out more with customized recommendations that will show you how Laminin Solutions’ products and services can improve your systems. Contact our experts today.