Integrating Spreadsheets with Epicor Using Interject

Most business employees find it easy to use spreadsheets, so they may hesitate to give them up. Unfortunately, spreadsheets are difficult to share and are often inaccurate because keeping them up to date takes time. They are also vulnerable to human error and can slow down essential business processes.

But creating Interject custom apps makes it easy to integrate the familiar Excel spreadsheet interface that everyone already knows with automated and integrated processes.

Are Spreadsheets Obsolete?

The more automated your business processes are, the faster and more accurate they are as well. The problem with spreadsheets is that they were not created for the automated business environment, and online collaborative work is not their intended purpose. When multiple users enter data into one spreadsheet, it becomes time-consuming to edit.

Spreadsheets are not going away, but there is a better way to use them.

Making Spreadsheets Business Friendly

Every place you use a spreadsheet in your business, you could save time and money with Interject. According to the article Using Interject to Automate Business Processes, Interject is faster and costs less than custom programming. It’s also easy to learn because it is used the same way as the Excel spreadsheets everyone already knows and loves, so you don’t have to worry about a learning curve.

Your team can pull data from various locations, and push it back, with a keystroke, right from the spreadsheet they already know and use comfortably. No matter where data is located, it’s easy to drill down from one level to another to build and clarify reports. Your company is empowered to make the best business decisions with the correct data.

More importantly, you maintain complete control over your integrations. Data is managed securely and made accessible to only those who need it.

Interject Custom Apps Are the Solution

Laminin Solutions has created many custom apps using Interject as part of our Epicor services. The following examples automate spreadsheet reports and integrate them with Epicor.

Epicor Posted Voucher Lines

This app was created using Interject to pull voucher lines for posted vouchers in Epicor based on a variety of selection criteria. The user can use a simple spreadsheet to review vouchers.

Epicor Unposted Vouchers with Hold/Unhold Mass Update

A similar custom app pulls data from Unposted Vouchers in Epicor based on a variety of selection criteria. This allows bulk updating of the hold flag by changing the value in the spreadsheet and pressing CTRL-SHIFT-U, which updates Epicor unposted vouchers.

Epicor to PeopleSoft Integration Middleware

Another set of custom apps helped a business move from Epicor to PeopleSoft.

This first app maintains a GL Account cross reference to support integrations between two systems.

Next, we created an app to generate, adjust, and approve Journal Entries from Epicor to PeopleSoft.

Custom Commands

Another custom application allows the user to execute a SQL Server Agent Job on demand to initiate an integration.

Step Into the Future Today

The bottom line is that automating your processes will make your business faster and more efficient. Interject custom apps make automation easy and painless, even for those who swear by their spreadsheets.

With Interject, you can update and retrieve current data from your spreadsheets. Data controls are incorporated into your processes, including change logging, staging, validation, and corporate sign-off. You can enjoy true collaboration with centralized management and connected tools.

It’s time to step into the future and see what Interject custom apps can do for your business today. Contact us for your customized recommendations. We’ll give you the system that works best for your business.