How an M-Files Reseller Can Help Your Business Run More Efficiently

As an M-Files reseller, Laminin can demonstrate how M-Files can integrate with and improve your current systems. We specialize in helping businesses of all sizes transform and improve business processes for greater efficiency and profitability. Take a look at how your company can benefit from our years of experience.

User-Friendly Data Management

Organizations are subject to new data protection laws, which require them to ensure better governance and control of their data. In today’s competitive business environment, managing this data and information intelligently in a user-friendly manner is challenging.

You need better tools and technology to manage your business information effectively. The typical Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution no longer fits the bill, and many established providers are losing market share.

As an M-Files reseller, Laminin provides a fresh approach to information management that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to identify and manage information based on context and value. As a result, you can partner with a vendor that offers more than a run-of-the-mill ECM but an intelligent information management system that is simple to use.

M-Files Reseller: A One-Stop Solution

In order to provide new-generation consumer solutions, an intelligent approach must eliminate storage silos, offer content in context, and use big/dark data. They must also integrate unstructured data with structured data from different business applications, automatically displaying only information relevant to the user. Users expect easy access to necessary business information with an app-like interface, and anything less is unlikely to gain acceptance.

Having worked in business, systems, and processes for decades, Laminin knows how frustrating inadequate information systems can be, but we also know how to decrease frustration and increase efficiency. If you want integrated workflow automation and document management systems that work for your business, you need Laminin as your one-stop solution. As an M-Files reseller, we will provide this kind of solution and train your company on how to implement it.

Simple Budgeting

There’s no need for your company to spend a lot upfront. We offer a subscription-based service that lets you scale up and down your licenses in accordance with your needs. As a result, your SaaS-based solution is easier to implement and more affordable than traditional ECM implementations.

More than that, solutions can be implemented on premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment, allowing you greater flexibility and control over your system without being restricted. If you are unsure which option is best for your company, our knowledgeable consultants can assist you with an analysis that will uncover the best recommendations tailored to your company’s needs.

Customized for Your Needs

When you work with us as your M-Files reseller, we can develop customized solutions for your industry or specific needs. We can easily customize our solutions to fit your company instead of using a modular, one-size-fits-all approach.

Customization allows for easy, cost-effective integration of platform-based solutions with business applications like enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM).

Whatever your industry, we can develop solutions or applications targeted to your specific industry or need. Are you ready to see how we can help your business run more smoothly and efficiently? Contact us today for your consultation.