How Business Workflow Automation Increases Efficiency

Business workflow automation is more critical in these post-pandemic days of remote working. A recent report from Accountancy Age discovered productivity and service from 17% of employees was significantly affected by the transition to remote working. What’s even more shocking is that 60% were somewhat affected. That’s a total of 77% of employees who saw a reduction in their productivity!

Part of this problem is how time-consuming it is to manually process business documents, with 86% of employees finding it at least somewhat of an issue. Here is where business workflow automation can help. 

Accelerating Automation Saves Time 

One respondent in the Accountancy Age report stated that if everything were fully automated, they would save as much as 20% of the time it takes for client onboarding, contract management, and document review and approval. 

Each organization will have its own individual needs for automation processes. The first step is analyzing where your information chaos resides. Is it the number of systems and applications used to manage documents between you and your clients? Email is still a widely used platform for business processes, even though it is highly unorganized. Switching to an automated client portal improves the process with better organization and speed.

Security may also be a big issue, particularly if you are still using email or sharing files and folders across network drives or file-sharing apps. More than half the companies surveyed use several different applications to store and share business data. This makes it more difficult to assure sensitive data is protected from people who shouldn’t have access.

ECM business workflow automations ensure everything is properly categorized, the correct business processes, enforced by the system, are followed and the right people have access to the information when they need it.

Accelerating Automation Increases Revenue 

Saving time logically saves money as well. Employees who are able to dedicate more time to income-producing activities instead of manual tasks that can be done automatically are more likely to feel satisfied with their work. And when you have happy employees, they are more likely to make certain you have happy customers as well. There is more time to nurture your customers and prospects when business workflow is automated, resulting in increased sales.

But accelerating automation for your business doesn’t just make things faster and easier for employees. Business workflow automation makes sense because it adds so much to your bottom line. Businesses that use marketing automation see a 451% increase in qualified leads and a 417% increase in revenue

Make Your Company More Profitable

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