Why Engineering Firms Need M-Files

Engineering firms rely on extensive documentation to manage their clients’ assets effectively, including design, procurement, installation, testing, operation, repair and overhaul, reliability, and risk analysis. However, finding the necessary documents is often time-consuming, which makes it challenging to serve a client efficiently. With M-Files’ simple interface, engineering companies can get complete visibility into documents and 

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processes, ensuring projects are delivered on time and within budget.

Organization = Time Savings

If employees don’t know how to locate essential documents or are unsure where to save them, precious time is wasted that could be used for revenue-generating activities. Employees may use their own logic when processing documents, which may not align with how others think. The result can be a hodgepodge of folders and filing methods that is confusing for everyone. This is why having a precise method for document filing is critical.

M-Files makes document organization easy and logical for everyone. Instead of a chaotic list of folders, all documents are organized according to logical, pre-determined attributes so employees can find what they need within seconds by performing a simple search. When employees aren’t responsible for the organizational structure and instead have a simple structure to follow, they can find exactly what they need based on what it is instead of where it’s located.

Controlled Engineering Documents for Greater Accuracy

Decisions based on outdated data or document versions result in mistakes, and mistakes can cost millions of dollars. When advising clients, you simply must know you are dealing with the latest information. There are no exceptions to this, so accurate version control is crucial.

In the average engineering firm, documents are handled many times by people in various departments with different roles in each project. With so many parties involved, it’s easy to lose track of the current version of a document. When you use M-Files, documents are stamped with time, date, and user information, so you know it’s always up to date and accurate.

Automated Workflow Means Improved Service

With M-Files, you can view everything about any project. The easy-to-use interface combines all the information, enabling you to automate processes, including contract management, to reduce costs and quickly collect evidence of safe operations. You’ll have more control over each project, enabling your team to get it done on time and on budget.

Upon receipt, invoices are scanned, and relevant information is attached so they can be reviewed, approved, and paid automatically, involving only the necessary personnel. In the same way, when a project is finished and ready for sharing with the client, it is automatically shared. It is possible for management to keep a close eye on everything, identifying bottlenecks and possibilities for further savings and improvements.

Next-Generation Information Management

M-Files is known for its ease of implementation and intuitive interface that matches how people work without requiring heavy changes that might slow down daily activities. Its powerful search capabilities improve employee productivity while saving time and streamlining project management.

It’s time for your engineering company to embrace next-generation engineering document management software. Contact us today to learn more about how M-Files can grow your business.