Forrester: M-Files Is a Strong Performer for Companies with Complex Data

M-Files has been named a Strong Performer in Forrester’s evaluation of 13 content platforms. The Forrester Report evaluates content platforms based on 26 criteria to determine the best options for technology management professionals. See why M-Files is a worthy contender for your company.

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What Makes a Good Content Platform

According to Forrester, a content platform is “A software platform architected specifically for the design, development, and delivery of document-, content-, or process-rich applications. Content platforms enable the decoupling of repository, application, and user interface layers and reveal services and APIs for application creation and integration.”

Based on this definition, a good content platform should invest in expertise and packaged applications for vertical markets. It should be innovative and allow for the use of content in all essential business practices, and it should support hybrid and remote work for today’s modern workplace.

M-Files is Well-Suited to Companies with Complex Documents

Forrester concluded that a unique feature of M-Files is that it puts metadata first, unlike many competitors focusing on skeuomorphic folders. M-Files is well suited for complex use cases with heavy document creation and integration in business services, audit, and engineering. By integrating structured data and files inside and outside its repository, its product strategy takes a broader view of information management.

Moreover, M-Files provides strong metadata capabilities that can be used to automate processes and manage content, in addition to being the core organizing principle for documents. Furthermore, it offers document management, content generation, and secure external sharing through its Hubshare module. Clients reported high satisfaction with its collaboration offering, integration with productivity apps, and professional services. The M-Files platform is well-suited to companies that generate complex documents requiring a structured, metadata-centric approach to document management and those who wish to share secure content with external stakeholders.

Platform Assessment

Each of the 13 vendors in the Forrester assessment had to meet certain qualifications and then were judged based on capabilities critical to a successful content platform.

All scores were based on a scale of 0 to 5, with 0 being weak and 5 being strong. M-Files’ strongest categories were metadata and commercial model, scoring 5 in both. In most other categories, M-Files scored a 3, earning a rating of Strong Performer.

You can download a copy of the Forrester report. Forrester’s evaluation of 13 content platforms gives you:

  • A comprehensive overview of the current Content Platform market
  • What the market’s shift to the cloud means for your business
  • How to choose the best content platform for your needs.

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