How Small Engineering Firms Compete and Win Against Larger Firms

It may seem impossible to compete against large engineering firms, but the truth is, you can compete—and win—just by being small. It sounds counterintuitive, but you can be competitive by niching down instead of directly competing with services already offered by larger firms.

What Makes Your Company Stand Out

A small businessman standing with his arms up and smiling happily near a giant leg in trousers and shoe lying near him, on the concrete gray background. Winning contest. Best in field. David and Goliath. Small company wins over big one. M-Files

The best way for small engineering firms to gain an edge over their competitors is to specialize in areas their competitors may not provide. What does your company provide that makes it stand out from the larger firms? And what can you do to keep new business and even expand it?

Smaller firms have smaller organizations, so rather than dealing with junior consultants and having senior partners supervise, clients are more likely to have access to senior consultants and partners.

Innovation and adaptability are two crucial characteristics in this age of digital transformation. You can teach your clients these two characteristics in a way that larger firms likely cannot. Take advantage of the opportunity.

Experience and Innovation Give the Edge

No matter the size of an organization, it needs to understand how to improve efficiency, satisfy customers, and grow market share by leveraging its own digital infrastructure. A small engineering company that already emphasizes these qualities can share its experiences with its clients more effectively. As a result of this experience, they can pass on insights to their clients.

Smaller companies often rely on better technology to gain traction over larger competitors. They can compete and win despite their size because they can share ideas, reach a consensus, communicate, and collaborate better than large competitors. They have developed processes and the right software to protect information and use the data to collaborate, which is another trait small firms can pass on to their clients. The right engineering document management software can boost your competitive edge regardless of the size of your business.

Increased Efficiency to Smash the Competition

By automating contract workflows, M-Files’ assignment and notification templates can help move contracts and other important documents through your processes (review, comment, revision, approval and execution) faster.

Control important engineering documents with M-Files, such as as-built and project documents, drawings and metadata, 2-D and 3-D CAD files, BIM models, office documents, scanned images, flow diagrams and schematics, equipment specs, vendor manuals, operation and maintenance procedures, and more. Workflows can also be designed and automated, including change management, CAD drawing lifecycles, engineering design collaboration, and contract review and signature processes.

The key to beating the competition? Focus on what makes you unique and have the best content automation software possible. Contact us today to learn more.