Moving From Epicor Enterprise to Epicor Kinetic Helps Your Business Evolve

Nothing lasts forever, even when it’s your favorite ERP system. Don’t worry, though. As Epicor changes its focus away from Epicor Enterprise, it has provided a path to an even better ERP—Epicor Kinetic. Improved technology means a more robust system to aid your company in keeping up with trends as well as meeting customer expectations better than before.

The Need for Change

It’s normal for a legacy system to lose efficiency over time. It’s not because the system isn’t good; it’s because technology continues to evolve, resulting in older programs going out of date. This is particularly true when you haven’t kept up with necessary updates. Your IT team may make fixes, but this is just extra time and money wasted unnecessarily.

Your company evolves to better meet the needs of your customers. If you don’t change and grow, you could lose vital business contracts. Doesn’t it just make sense that your ERP system should do the same? If you want to stay competitive, you need the latest software that will meet or exceed the needs of your company.

Epicor Kinetic: How Is it Different from Epicor Enterprise?

As organizations contend with a multitude of challenges such as operational efficiency, supply chain disruption, workforce complexities, and changing customer and employee expectations for digital connectedness, their need for cloud-based solutions has only intensified.

Epicor has risen to meet that need with spectacular results. More than just a name change, Epicor Kinetic has improved features that make it work harder for you, far beyond what was previously offered through Epicor Enterprise.

Here are just a few improvements:

  • Choice of running on premises or in the cloud or a hybrid
  • Cloud-based public services for enterprises, collaboration enhancements, and more
  • Application Studio, Epicor Learning, and Epicor Virtual Agent provide a better user experience
  • Updates to Epicor including CPQ, Commerce Connect, Quick Ship, Advanced MES, Supplier Portal, and third-party solutions such like SecturaSoft offer greater industry depth
  • MES with advanced analytics and digital twins for higher visibility to manufacturing execution
  • New Amazon and eBay connectors
  • Better user experience with Application Studio, Epicor Learning, and Epicor Virtual Agent
  • Greater support for global expansion
  • Greater industry depth

Epicor Kinetic is a future-focused solution that offers greater flexibility to your business. It is intuitive, configurable, and easy to personalize at the user level.

The Next Step

If you are ready for the change, you don’t have to worry about an interruption in productivity. The migration can take place without a significant delay in business. The team at Laminin Solutions has decades of experience working with Epicor. Our Epicor Services can help you make the switch—preserving the functionality you love and implementing the new capabilities you need. We can help you evaluate your business processes and system to identify and implement time-saving solutions.

In addition, we can schedule regular maintenance and review key performance metrics to ensure your business software is performing optimally. Custom applications are available for projects that require specialized functionality, ensuring a healthy return on investment.

With over 40 years of experience, Laminin is ready to help your business connect data and improve efficiency.