Bridge the Gap in Your Data Management with M-Files and Sharepoint

How can M-Files and SharePoint make your business more efficient? Most companies today store their information in an average of four different repositories, and that’s in addition to the unstructured data stored in other places.

M-Files and SharePoint work together to connect documents and business data in one place. Together, they create a 

business solution with a view to all critical information, regardless of where or how it’s stored.

The Power of M-Files and SharePoint Together

Microsoft Office 365 is an essential tool for many companies. You may use Microsoft Office to create and edit documents and then use SharePoint to store and share those documents. But when much of the data needed to complete a project is stored on network drives and other repositories, Microsoft Office 365 just isn’t enough for the collaboration your company needs.

When you add M-Files to your business system, you can access all documents and data stored on the company network drive or other core business systems and do it right from SharePoint rather than leaving SharePoint to find, edit, and manage a document or other data required for a project.

Having all the necessary data available from one view makes business processes more organized. Projects are completed faster with fewer errors, and clients see their needs being met efficiently.

That’s the power of M-Files and SharePoint together.

Ease of Collaboration

In today’s remote work environment, collaboration can be tricky, yet it’s a vital part of getting business taken care of daily.

M-Files and SharePoint make collaboration a breeze because everyone has quick access to the data they need. SharePoint helps team members to collaborate on documents and share them through the cloud, while M-Files ensures every type of data is easy to access directly from SharePoint.

Instead of worrying about where data is stored, they can simply locate what they need based on what it is. No matter how widespread your team may be, they can all work together as if they were in the same office.

The use of metadata can even automate many workflows by suggesting what steps are next. The remote office space is now as efficient and error-free as possible since members no longer have to worry about approvals, version control, or archiving.

Faster ROI

M-Files and SharePoint offer a faster return on your Office 365 investment when used together. The combination of quick implementation, simplified workflows, workflow automation, and automated metadata mean every project is done faster, with enhanced security and better compliance.

You can benefit from SharePoint’s collaboration capabilities and take advantage of M-Files’ powerful, intelligent information management capabilities.

Less time spent results in money saved, but it can also translate into more projects. Either way, the end result is better customer service that will directly have a positive impact on your bottom line. And it will do so much faster than with SharePoint alone.

Bridge The Gap

If you want to learn more about how M-Files and SharePoint can bridge the gap in your data management system, check out our eBook, Combining Microsoft Office 365 and M-Files.

If you’re ready to take advantage of the power of M-Files and SharePoint, contact us today.