M-Files, Risk Reduction, and Compliance Enforcement

You’re not alone if your business struggles to meet GDPR compliance standards. First South Credit Union found it difficult to keep up with regulations that required evidence of appropriate systems to maintain, keep current, and destroy/delete records when expired. They realized their extensive hard-copy archive of documents was impractical and inefficient.

After they changed to M-Files for intelligent document management, they realized having all their data quickly available helps with compliance and speeds up audits. M-Files complies with applicable GDPR for all relevant services delivered to customers as part of their commitment to respecting and protecting customer privacy. M-Files will also cooperate with customers to help them meet their GDPR obligations as data controllers.

M-Files Ensures Compliance

Staying compliant can be tricky because the rules are changing while the volume of data keeps growing. Different places have different laws. Most companies store their information in several repositories, making it difficult to find information. Human error and other threats to data security are also potential problems.

An automated document management system like M-Files ensures extra security and seamless compliance. First South found this was the case with credit union regulatory compliance, and you’ll also appreciate it in your business.

But M-Files can do more than assist in GDPR compliance, it can help your business meet all data compliance standards, including:

  • ISO
  • SOC
  • SÄHKE2
  • FDA 21 CFR part 11
  • EudraLex Vol 4 Annex 11
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 2
  • SOX-404

Other Risk Management Features

Because compliance processes are automated, all offices, staff, and projects will conform to the regulations. With built-in tracking of document versions and access histories, audits are faster. Data retention (or destruction) can also be automated, and this means less risk and a more efficient workflow.

There are other ways M-Files can help ensure compliance, including gated access to control who has access to documents, version tracking to ensure the most up-to-date document is always available, and role-based permissions that allow access to be changed when people change positions or leave the company.

Business risk is reduced with audit trail views of document versions, so you can more quickly demonstrate compliance. Master record tagging makes auditing documents by project, client, or engagement more effortless. You’ll also enjoy greater control and visibility of documents with automatic metadata tagging.

The System That Does It All

M-Files does everything from intelligent, metadata-driven document management to compliance and risk management. You’ll gain a competitive advantage with superior customer satisfaction and lower risk.

Are you ready to save time and eliminate compliance stress? We can show you how. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.