6 Ways M-Files Ment Can Save You Time and Money

If you work in an office, you probably create complex documents every day. Drafting a document can feel like drudgery, especially if you create the same types of documents every day. Even worse, it’s almost impossible to keep all the versions of a document straight while incorporating client feedback. Timelines inevitably expand, and clients complain.

image of money and watch to represent time and money saved with M-Files Ment

Did you know that there’s a solution to these problems? M-Files Ment is a 100% visual, no-code document automation tool that helps users create complex, data-driven documents quickly and consistently. Ment circumvents time-consuming tasks like searching for standard language, formatting, and manual data entry. By allowing you to create templates, enter data through customized questionnaires, and ensuring compliance, Ment can transform your workday and your document creation processes.

Ment can save you time and money in many ways. With Ment, you can:

1. Learn the system quickly

Most first-time Ment users can learn the basics of the system within fifteen minutes. Ment’s unique visual interface creates an intuitive experience for all users. You and your employees can save hours of training time by using a simple but powerful document creation system like Ment.

2. Create documents easily

Once you’ve learned how Ment works, creating documents is a breeze. Ment operates primarily through templates, questionnaires, and a library of standard language. To create a document, you simply select a template, enter data through answering a few questions, and add any extra text blocks you may need with the click of a button.

3. Seamlessly incorporate client feedback

If you need someone’s input on a document, you can email them a questionnaire (directly from M-Files) that will automatically input their answers in the appropriate place in the new document. You can also decide whether that person can see the newly created document or not. 

4. Free up time for more important tasks

When you implement an automated document creation system, you will receive a sizable return on your investment. With Ment, you’ll save many hours of time—previously spent manually drafting documents—that you and your employees can spend on much more important and profitable tasks like building customer relationships, picking up new work, or completing long-term projects.

5. Maintain compliance and version control

Another benefit of Ment is that it makes version control easy: there is one authoritative version of a document, but all the previous versions can be accessed for reference as needed. In addition, you can customize Ment to keep all your files compliant with relevant regulations and company best practices. 

6. Improve customer experience

Lastly, having a system like Ment in place can greatly improve your customer relationships. In the first place, customers are pleased by modern, easy to use technology: they will trust that you are committed to staying up to date with the latest developments in your market. In addition, you and your employees will have more time to develop customer relationships after saving hours of work with Ment.

Ready to learn more?

Ment’s design philosophy centers on satisfying users’ needs: making documents easier to create using sophisticated design and reusable content. Ment can save you time and money that you can better spend elsewhere. Learn more about M-Files Ment and see the interface by watching this video.

Laminin also puts our customers’ needs first: we can provide software and software support tailored to your business goals. We believe business success comes from optimized information and connected solutions like Ment. To see M-Files Ment in action and to learn more about how it can transform your document creation processes, contact us.