M-Files Gets a New, Modern Desktop UI

M-Files has always offered cutting-edge industry solutions that help clients grow their businesses. You can see this clearly in the new user experience updates launched this year. Implementing these updates will make M-Files more personalized, tailored to user practices, and easier to manage.

If you haven’t tried M-Files yet, there is no better time to see how you can enjoy an effortless document management experience.

M-Files for Desktop Updates

Because their desktop application is M-Files’ key product, the new desktop user interface will be the first update released. Many thousands of daily users will appreciate the more modern interface.

Here are some of the updates:

  • The main view layout is significantly simplified with one large, clear main view panel, better information layering, less distraction, and enhanced readability.
  • The main navigation offers better visibility with a simplified navigation panel view that will allow you to choose your desired default view.
  • The pinned view is now more robust, with a new location and grouping functionality for a more innovative way to organize your vital documents.
  • You’ll have a better way to navigate with an easier way to locate the search bar and create button.
  • There is a cleaner design to navigate your document’s information because the panel tabs have been repositioned vertically on the right.

With these updates, new customers will find it even smoother to implement M-Files because employees can use the document management solution more intuitively. With everything available on a single screen, training new users is easier.

Extensive User Testing

M-Files is used globally by tens of thousands of users every day. Before the official release, this broad user base made it possible to test the new UI extensively across Europe and North America. As a whole, users loved the clean, modern look that enhanced the already outstanding functionality of the platform.

With M-Files, working is easier thanks to the metadata-driven platform that makes all data more accessible and usable. By using artificial intelligence and an automated rules-based discovery engine, you can search M-Files or external repositories for content, including dark data. Metadata tags provide effective and intuitive organization, security, and information processing, resulting in increased productivity and satisfaction.

Due to its close alignment with the M-Files web and mobile applications, the modern, enhanced desktop user interface will improve the overall user experience. New M-Files customers can start using the updated UI now. The new version of M-Files’ iOS app, with its refreshed, more streamlined design, is also on the Apple app store.

Discover What’s New

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