Why Do You Need M-Files? 4 Ways Your Company Will Benefit

M-Files is an award-winning intelligent information management system designed to help businesses grow and thrive. Its metadata-driven document management gives them an edge over the competition.

But what can M-Files do for you? More than you may realize.

Top 4 Benefits of M-Files

End Information Silos

When data is collected and stored in one part of your system, you create an information silo. The more data your business collects, the more silos it creates, making it harder for everyone to access the information they need.

M-Files puts an end to information silos. No matter where the file is located or what the user interface is, Intelligent Information Management allows you to store, find, access, and manage information, eliminating the need for content migration in siloed data environments.

The Right Content at the Right Time

More than half of a company’s data is usually “dark data.” This includes log files, call logs, emails, geolocation data, and old documents. An organization can gain valuable insight into consumer behavior, employee satisfaction, and logistical operations through this type of data, which is why managing is it so important.

Employees value the same information for different reasons and look for it according to their roles. Using metadata-driven document management, accurate information can be found based on various search criteria. Nothing is lost or ignored because all data is valuable in some way.

One Version: The Current One

When departments have to shuffle documents back and forth to collaborate, it’s easy to lose track of which version is the current working version. Employees who need access to information in their own context will frequently copy it to multiple locations. This can lead to errors and can really bottleneck a project.

Using M-Files, everyone uses the same document version, so there are no duplicates. There is just one version—the right one. This uniformity makes collaboration easy, eliminates errors, and maximizes workflow.

Intelligent Metadata

An Intelligent Metadata Layer (IML) is a solution that allows information to be managed across multiple repositories. The system integrates data from different sources based on context, not the system or folder.

With Intelligent Information Management, you can automate tagging of content with almost any information: document type, expiration date, customer or project name, etc. This metadata becomes the driving force behind superior document management.

If you use M-Files, you can utilize IML features since they are seamlessly integrated into the system. All vault users can access these features directly when configuring a vault to use connectors and intelligence services.

Why You Need M-Files—Just the Beginning

This is just a small taste of the many benefits for your business when you use M-Files for your information management system. Check out this infographic to get the full picture, and then contact us to set up your consultation.