M-Files Can Accelerate Use of Microsoft Office 365

What keeps organizations from getting the full benefits of Microsoft Office 365? According to a recent survey, more than half of businesses say their most significant issue is persuading users to adopt Office 365 instead of managing and sharing content elsewhere.

M-Files can accelerate the use of Microsoft Office 365 by enabling information access company-wide without the need for data migration. This makes employees more productive because they can find the information they need while still using a familiar user interface.

Accelerate Use of Microsoft Office 365 in Your Company

With 155 million monthly business users of Office 365, it is clearly one of the most popular business software options available today.

However, adoption is key to its success. And that’s where M-Files comes into the picture. If you want to accelerate the use of Microsoft Office 365 in your company, you must show employees how easy it is to use in place of file shares and networking folders.

Single-Point Access

Microsoft Office 365 empowers employees and optimizes their operations. You can make Office 365 the single access point to all enterprise data with M-File. Your employees can access all related content from other applications, systems, and repositories from the familiar Office 365 view.

Users can immediately access the data they need without costly data migration. Finding the right data is easy because everything is available from one view, even if it’s located in a different repository or system.

Document workflows and business processes can also be automated with M-Files metadata. Workflows will automatically suggest actions that need to be taken next, so users need not worry about approvals, version control, or archiving.

Improved ROI

With M-Files, you’ll see a faster return on your Office 365 investment because you’ll have faster implementation. Employees will have immediate access to necessary data. You’ll also have automatic metadata tagging thanks to AI and content analytics.

These factors will allow for a simplified daily workflow because even content from other repositories and systems will be available in one view. M-Files bridges the gap between structured and unstructured data so it can all be used effectively. When you can see all your data, you’re better equipped to make critical decisions for your company that will add to your bottom line.

Integrating M-Files with Microsoft Office 365 will allow you to use it to its fullest potential.

Robust Governance

With automated workflows, everything is documented and filed for easy audits and improved compliance. Additionally, metadata ensures that you have control over access so that only authorized people can access sensitive information.

With M-Files, you’ll always be able to track what happens with documents for internal procedures or for regulatory and industry standards, such as GDPR/CCPA, ISO, HIPAA, and others.

Next-Generation Performance

With M-Files, businesses can easily find and use vital data to improve their business performance. If you’re ready to accelerate your use of Microsoft 365 and enjoy next-generation performance of your company, reach out for a free demo and see how we can help you grow.