Credit Union Content Management Offers a Wealth of Benefits

Credit union content management is more important than you might think. Credit unions deal with a tremendous variety of content and documentation. On top of this, they need to manage compliance and data security requirements. Managing this information can be a nightmare if you don’t have an intelligent content management system to help you get organized.

Believe it or not, intelligent content management increases credit union profitability. With a single effective solution for all departments, credit unions see a wealth of benefits, all of which lead to higher earnings.

Take a look at the benefits.

Less Paper for More Efficiency

Paper isn’t only an expense. It’s also a significant contributing factor to information chaos. Papers can get lost, misfiled, or even end up shared with the wrong department. Printing things can be a security risk and a source of disorganization. A lack of organization is the nemesis of efficiency.

An intelligent credit union document management system eliminates these problems. Instead of paper, you have electronic documents logically filed in a single repository. That means one place to look for the information you need and faster processing.

Increasing invoice and billing processing speeds decreases labor costs and improves revenue, but the accounting department isn’t the only department that benefits from credit union content management.

Faster Lending Services

Loans are typically known for requiring mountains of paperwork, making it an arduous process for customers and employees. However, with intelligent content management, documents are easily accessed from one place.

Often, members can submit their paperwork electronically. This information is added to the Content Management System (CMS), where it can be quickly located and processed by underwriters without jumping between systems. The entire loan process is faster, resulting in more satisfied members.

Better Member Support

By utilizing an intelligent CMS, credit unions can more easily offer the services their members need. Each department can see which member services are the best fit for each member and offer those services in a targeted manner.

Offers can also be documented for each member to create a complete member file that any employee who provides services to the member can access. In this way, services become more targeted and efficient. Members feel they are getting more individualized service, and employees feel their job is simplified by having access to what they need to make members happy.

Not Just for Members

Credit union content management isn’t only for providing better service for members. It’s also an excellent tool for human resources managers. They will have a better organized, intelligent system to track employee records, job openings, applications, resumes, and more.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) not only makes it easier to manage current employees, but it also makes the entire hiring process simple and seamless. Hiring managers can set up an online application and then set up a database of applicants and their skillsets. Next time there is a hiring need, this database can be easily accessed and searched based on current needs.

Credit Union Content Management Is an Enterprise-Wide Solution

Each department within a credit union has its unique needs that must be met, but that doesn’t mean a different system is required for each department. Intelligent content management systems are adaptable to meet the needs of everyone. When you invest in the right CMS, you increase the efficiency of the entire enterprise while improving member service and generating more revenue.

Laminin Solutions has experience with helping credit unions solve information management challenges. Contact us today and let us help you with the intelligent content management system that best fits your needs.