What’s So Great About M-Files Ment?

Here at Laminin Solutions, we love to talk about the benefits of smart document management systems. With software like M-Files, you can organize your documents in an intuitive and sensible way, you can find the information you need in seconds, and you can maintain strict security and access guidelines.

However, one aspect of document management that can sometimes get overlooked is document creation.

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If your company creates documents regularly, a document automation tool can help you rapidly generate complex, data-driven documents. No more endless copy/pasting: with a document automation system, you can reuse wording and instantly insert data without having to manually create a document.

The document automation tool that goes along with M-Files is called M-Files Ment. What makes Ment so great? Ment is the first 100% visual, no-code document automation software that enables you to create documents through a simple, streamlined user interface. Let’s explore the benefits of Ment!

Ease of Use

The first and most important way in which Ment stands out is how easy it is to use. Unlike other document automation solutions, Ment is 100% visual. This means your employees don’t need to know how to code to use Ment to its fullest extent. Users input information and data through questionnaires. This allows you to scale your Ment implementation very easily, since hardly any training is required.

Another way Ment promotes ease of use is that it shows you the document as it’s being generated. As you complete a questionnaire, you can see the document changing and growing with each question. This allows for quick correction of errors instead of only finding mistakes once the document has been created.

If your business inserts the same language (or slightly varying language) into many different documents, Ment will save you time by storing that language in a “clause library.” You can insert whole paragraphs of standard language into a document with the click of a button.

Lastly, Ment provides unparalleled external functionality. Through streamlined data collection and widgets, you can easily share documents with clients or other third parties for data input. External users can provide data through a questionnaire just like internal users. The data will automatically sync with the document in progress. Through widgets, third parties can easily access document templates on a website or intranet.

Other Benefits 

While ease of use makes M-Files Ment a star, it has some other features that combine with its usability to create a great user experience:

  • Pricing: M-Files Ment plans include unlimited standard users. Ment allows users at every level of your organization to benefit from document automation. The pricing model is instead based on the number of templates and widgets as well as the number of “author users” (people who create templates).
  • Security: Through strict version control and customizable details, Ment helps your documents stay compliant and updated. In addition, by filtering responses through questionnaires, documents generated by Ment will contain fewer errors—you can be sure that the important language in the documents is correct and compliant.
  • Efficiency: By streamlining document creation as much as possible, Ment can save your employees hours of time and provide a great ROI.

Convinced? Let’s Talk More 

Do all these benefits sound good to you? If you’re ready to transform your document management and automation, look no further than M-Files and M-Files Ment. However, to get the most out of your document management software, you’ll need a partner! The experts at Laminin are ready to help you implement, integrate, customize, and streamline your chosen software. To learn more or get started, contact us today.