What’s New With M-Files Q4 2023

M-Files releases updates to its software every month with the latest improvements, fixes, and new features from its team of developers. Many of these improvements and features have been created due to user demand; M-Files continually looks for ways to better serve its users. Below, we’ve summarized the most important changes to the software during Q4 of 2023.

Vault QR Codes

When using an M-Files Vault, M-File Mobile users can now effortlessly connect to their desktop experience through scanning a QR code. You no longer have to manually input the vault address into your phone. To access this QR code, open your desktop client, click your initials in the upper right corner, and select “Use with M-Files Mobile.” A vault-specific QR code will appear, which you can scan to open the vault directly on your phone.

QR code scanning payment and verification. Hand using mobile smart phone scan QR code. One of the changes to M-Files Q4 2023.

Although these features aren’t new, it’s worth a reminder that QR codes can be used in other ways in M-Files. They can be used to open an object, view, or file; create objects with prefilled values; enter search criteria; and add metadata to an object. QR codes are especially helpful when you’re collaborating with a team in a meeting and want to be on the same page—literally!

Outlook Integration Improvements

The latest M-Files Outlook integration improvements largely focus on speed. Filing an email or email thread is now twice as fast, and suggestions are nearly always shown in less than two seconds. In addition, instead of waiting for suggestions to populate, the filing window will now show immediately and display suggestions when they become available. Numerous small updates have been made surrounding automated processes like saving emails and automatic filing.

Visitor Links

Visitor Links is a new way to share critical information with external partners or clients. With Visitor Links, you can email a link to someone who can then generate a one-time access code and view the document. These links do not require an M-Files installation. They expire in 30 days, further ensuring the security of your data.

Other Updates

  • SharePoint Online Connector: The new release of M-Files Connector for SharePoint Online includes the ability to see site size from M-Files Admin and improvements to memory consumption.
  • Deprecations: M-Files Mobile no longer supports its app in iOS versions 11, 12, and 13 and Android versions 7 and 8. M-Files has ceased further development of the M-Files Signom electronic signature integration and will end support for the feature in August 2024.
  • View Object Types: You can now create views in M-Files that show objects from multiple selected object types.
  • Permissions in M-Files Web: You can now view user permissions of objects in M-Files Web. This is one of the first steps toward value parity between M-Files Web and M-Files Desktop.
  • Sorting View Results: It’s now possible to sort view results across all result pages in M-Files Web.
  • Index Management: There is a new section in Vault Settings in Admin: Index Management. In this section, you can restart indexing or see the completion status of the current indexing.

Looking for an M-Files Partner?

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