System Integration for Improved Digital Transformation

Digital transformation means streamlining a company’s core operations and customer value propositions using technology. The COVID pandemic initially drove the trend toward digital transformation as a convenient way to make business easier. Today, however, digital transformation is more than just a convenience—it’s a requirement to survive in the competitive modern business world.

System Integration for Improved Digital Transformation

Challenges to Digital Transformation

An AIIM study found that five years ago, 22% of companies planned to begin digital transformation but had yet to start the process. In 2023, the number of organizations that still haven’t started their transformation has dropped to just 5%. What is holding these remaining companies back?

According to AIIM research, money is one of the primary challenges, but the benefits of digital transformation far outweigh any challenge. With the right system integration, your company can save thousands of productivity hours a week, so even if the cost appears to be an obstacle, it is quickly recouped. Still, for your digital transformation to be successful, it must be done correctly.

Integration Is Key

Since 2013, the number of content management systems within a company has grown from just over three to nearly five in 2023. While that is a big increase, according to AIIM, the most explosive growth has been in organizations using seven to ten systems, the number of which has risen from 3.6% in 2013 to 14.42% in 2023.

Even though an increased number of content systems may seem like a problem, this is not the case if the new systems integrate well with each other and the broader organization’s business applications and processes. A lack of integration, on the other hand, poses numerous challenges in areas such as privacy, information security, and overall governance and compliance.

System integration is the key to your company’s digital transformation success.

M-Files Brings It All Together

You can take advantage of digital transformation at your company with the best software to bring it all together. Improve efficiency and workflow by integrating M-Files with your existing systems to easily manage, find, and track information. Whether you use Sharepoint, Salesforce, Microsoft 365, or Google Workspace, you can integrate M-Files to automate workflows and improve collaboration. You can also integrate electronic signatures with Adobe Sign or DocuSign.

The M-Files document management system organizes your documents by what they are instead of where they are stored, preventing document chaos.

Compliance is no longer a challenge with M-Files because all information is secure, and collaboration is simplified because everything is up-to-date, accurate, and available to those who need it while maintaining the privacy of sensitive information. If cost is a worry, consider that M-Files enables businesses to see an ROI of almost 270%!

What’s holding your company back from digital transformation? Contact our professionals and let us put your mind at ease. System Integration is the key to your successful digital transformation; we can help you make it happen.