Reap the Rewards of Managing Dark Data

Managing dark data is critical to discovering its full value. Not addressing this data correctly can be costly in terms of time lost, productivity, and ultimately, revenue. To avoid these losses, you must learn how to identify dark data and organize it so it can be accessed from one central repository with the rest of your company’s data.

What Is Dark Data

What exactly is dark data? The name sounds like some secret information gained through nefarious means, but in truth, it’s simply data that an organization doesn’t use. Often the reason it isn’t used is that it is unstructured and, therefore, unorganized.

Dark data includes things like log files, customer call records, emails, geolocation data, old documents, presentations, notes, and more. These examples can provide valuable information to a company by providing insight into website visitor behavior, customer sentiments, employee satisfaction, or even logistic operations.

According to a survey conducted by Splunk, 55% of an organization’s data is dark data. Over half of a company’s data is unused! This is why managing dark data is vital to staying competitive in today’s markets. In fact, it may just be the edge you need to move ahead of the pack.

The Value of Managing Dark Data

Of all the respondents in the previously mentioned survey, 84% believed that decision-making in their organization would require strong data skills. Strong data skills include knowing how to manage and effectively use dark data.

Why is this so vital?

Organizations that can organize and analyze all the information available could see significant gains compared to competitors. Logically, you can assume your organization could lose a tremendous amount of revenue by not taking advantage of this information.

If dark data is so valuable, why do so many companies ignore it? Put simply, because they don’t understand how to manage it effectively. This is where M-Files comes in.

How to Reap the Rewards

M-Files can help your organization discover value in unstructured data today so it can prepare for greater opportunities in the future. If you can’t find information effectively, it’s essentially useless. M-Files fixes this problem by connecting to your existing systems and organizing information no matter where it’s hidden.

Thanks to metadata, all you need is a keyword. Just like Google, M-Files can find what you need whether it’s in your CMS, a network folder, Sharepoint, or anywhere else. Instead of worrying about where the data is, you only need to know what it is.

M-Files has automation features that intelligently categorize and index documents. Properly categorized information makes your company work more efficiently, increasing revenue. Compliance is also a simpler task because you can quickly find whatever you need in the case of an audit.

Bringing dark data to light will enable your organization to increase revenue and operate more efficiently. Customer satisfaction can also improve because your company will be able to provide better, more individualized services. It’s a win for everyone.

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