M-Files Content Services Platform Gets High Scores

As a content services platform, M-Files has always worked hard to help businesses reach their goals. This hard work has paid off, and customers have made that a clear fact. According to Gartner Peer Insights, 94% of respondents would recommend M-Files as a content services platform!

With 15 criteria to assess, in the last 12 months reviewers rated M-Files 4.0 or higher on every

feature. What does that mean for you as a business user? It means you will have access to the best features to grow your company and meet your goals when you make M-Files your content services platform.

Features and Ratings

So, what are these amazing features that M-Files customers love so much? We don’t have the space for in-depth discussion on all 15 criteria, but you can see what they are here. You can check them all out by visiting Gartner Peer Insights and reading the reviews. You won’t be disappointed!

The criteria used to determine ratings include:

  • Content Management: 4.6
  • Metadata and Classification 4.6
  • Systems Security 4.6
  • Workflow and Process 4.6
  • Content Security: 4.5
  • Information Governance 4.5
  • Business Application Enablement: 4.4
  • Capture 4.4
  • Platform 4.4
  • Productivity 4.4
  • Search: 4.3
  • Administration 4.3
  • Collaboration 4.3
  • Delivery Models 4.3
  • Analytics and Reporting: 4.0

While every single one of these features received high ratings, the highest were Content Management, Metadata and Classification, Systems Security, and Workflow and Process–all of which tied for the top-rated feature.

The overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars in the Content Services category is thanks to the hard work that M-Files puts into product development.


These results aren’t cherry-picked either. Businesses reviewing the M-Files customer service platform are from all over the world, and from every type of business ranging in size from under 50M all the way to 10B or more, government agencies, public services, and education entities.

Reviewers were in service, financial, manufacturing, healthcare, and other industries in North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America.

Whatever industry you are in, chances are, you’ll find a review from it. Clearly, M-Files has what you need to grow your business. But what are reviewers saying?

Let’s take a look.

M-Files Content Services Platform Reviews

The most helpful reviews, according to Gartner Peer Insights have this to say:

“M-Files has been the holy grail of content management that I had been yearning for so long.”

“[M-Files] has saved a lot of our time making our job much easier and more effective than ever before. M-Files have greatly affected our customer service and have reduced many of our expenses as well.”

“Enter into the era of the best content services platforms with M-Files.”

Laminin Solutions chose to be an M-Files reseller because of their commitment to customer satisfaction and to providing new, innovative ways to manage, secure, and collaborate around content.

We are thrilled to be able to help our customers reach and exceed their business goals and excited for the opportunity to prove that we can do the same for your business.

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