Laminin Reaches the “Hall of Fame” at the M-Files Global Conference

Last month, Laminin’s leadership team attended the M-Files Impact Global Conference, a summit of M-Files partners and users. At that conference, our founders were inducted into the “hall of fame!” Read on to learn more about the conference, Laminin’s award, and how we partner with M-Files.

M-Files Impact Global Conference

The M-Files Impact Global Conference was held from May 14th – 17th in Madrid, Spain. The first two days were a partner summit, in which M-Files partners’ representatives such as Laminin’s team participated in customized workshops and information sessions. M-Files presented sessions on upcoming software updates, tactical marketing, product demos, and more.

The second two days were tailored for both partners and customers, allowing everyone to build connections with each other and gain knowledge about the powerful software. M-Files partners hosted booths to meet customers, and M-Files presented more product demos and walkthroughs. A keynote presentation delivered by Cheryl McKinnon from Forrester analyzed market insights and trends across the business software field.

Our CEO and Solutions Director, Arnie Cilliers, took part in a panel discussion on the 17th, where he joined other M-Files partners to discuss the domain and message of knowledge work automation and the future of AI in business software.

The Partner Hall of Fame 

On May 14th, at the partner summit dinner and awards ceremony, Laminin founders Le Roux and Arnie Cilliers were inducted into the M-Files Hall of Fame, which honors M-Files partners who have attended more than five conferences. Our founders are honored by this award and are looking forward to the next M-Files Global Conference!

trophy on blue-lit stage, M-Files Global Conference

Making Connections, Old and New 

The Hall of Fame award wasn’t the only thing that stood out about this year’s conference. Laminin’s team met with many of our well-known partners and customers at the conference, including Mary Kaufman, our account manager at M-Files; Daniel Ma, with imageX; and Jim Castellano, with PeopleSense, Inc. We especially enjoyed experiencing the first-ever joint partner and customer summit with a team from one of our largest customers, Team Industrial, who are looking to expand the use of M-Files within their organization.

An Ongoing Partnership

M-Files matches up perfectly with Laminin’s goal of providing our clients with the best information management software available. M-Files organizes a company’s files based on what they are, not where they’re stored, allowing employees to search through all your documents and metadata at once. It automates manual workflows and can even automate document creation for high-volume, repetitive documentation. It provides comprehensive version control, role-based access, and strict security and compliance measures.

Laminin has partnered with M-Files for years, and we’re excited to continue that partnership as we build new solutions like our MFSQL Connector, which allows our team to pair the powerful M-Files software with custom integration capabilities through MFSQL Connector. Your developers don’t have to master M-Files APIs or a specific development platform in order to adjust M-Files to your liking.

Partner with Laminin, a Trusted M-Files Provider 

If you’re looking for a partner to implement, customize, or integrate your M-Files software—or if you’re searching for information management software more generally, we’re here to help! As our “hall of fame” award makes clear, our team has many years of experience and expertise implementing M-Files and other software for our clients.

But don’t just take it from this award: read our customer success stories to find out specifics on how M-Files, MFSQL Connector, and the Laminin team have made a difference for our clients.

Ready to get started? Contact us today to speak with our team of experts. We can’t wait to hear from you!