The Key to M-Files User Adoption

It doesn’t matter which bells and whistles your new technology offers. It won’t benefit your company if you can’t get full user adoption. For this reason, it’s important to understand the user journey and see things from your employees’ perspective.

The Adoption Curve

key entering data stream to represent M-Files User Adoption

Different types of employees will take to new tech in varying ways, and it is critical to understand these differences. For example, tech enthusiasts and those excited about how technology can create overall benefits will find it easier to accept your new technology than those wary of trying another new tool or program.

Understanding how to work with these personalities within your organization will go a long way toward the wide adoption you strive for. The key is to leverage the more motivated individuals to help encourage those still dragging their feet. When done correctly, you’ll see company-wide enthusiasm for your new technology.

3 Steps to Wider M-Files User Adoption

In general, M-Files isn’t a hard sell, and the tremendous suite of features makes it easy to see benefits for the company as a whole. However, it’s important to scale this down to the individuals in your organization.

Step 1: Communicate to Build Awareness

The first step is to make your employees aware of the coming changes and help them see how these changes will affect them. Understand that in this step, you will have people who are curious and excited and those who are resistant and maybe even downright hostile. For these people, the new technology represents added stress.

Give them more details and show them how M-Files works. Demos are perfect for showing rather than telling. At this point, those who are excited about the coming changes should have the opportunity to try out the new system.

Offering incentives for those who implement the changes early can help motivate those who are slow to accept them and will provide even more encouragement to those who are already excited. Offer training in M-Files essentials to build excitement and extinguish fears.

Step 2: Training

In this step, your users will learn more about M-Files and how it will affect their work. Your users are actively learning how M-Files helps them manage data more efficiently. They may even see potential benefits in areas they haven’t yet explored. Your early adopters will be ready to explore independently, while your late adopters may need additional encouragement.

Regardless of the adoption stage, all your users must understand that support is always available. Continue investing in training and change management, and also identify internal advocates who can help onboard their peers who may still be struggling. Allowing ongoing dialog is critical so users know it’s safe to express concerns or areas of confusion. Those who still resist may benefit from one-on-one training so they can see how M-Files will benefit them.

By leveraging M-Files training and learning opportunities, your users will get more and more comfortable because they will understand the practical, tangible uses of this new technology. They’ll see real benefits. Encourage everyone to offer feedback on customizations that will improve the system for their needs.

Step 3: Offer Support

By the time you reach this step, M-Files is live, so paying close attention to each user and their potential obstacles is important. Users may not remember everything they learned in training, which can cause stress. They may worry about making mistakes. Even those who feel confident and ready to work may have trouble finding what they need.

These users need to know that support is always there for them. Ensure everyone knows where to go for answers and have periodic check-ins to ensure everyone is on track. Continue to encourage feedback so users can be involved in the design process, and then be flexible to show that all feedback is valuable. In this way, you’ll all work together to create the best tool for your entire organization.

Understanding Builds Strength

As you work through the stages of M-Files user adoption with your team, you’ll find that, as a whole, they become stronger. A strong team works better.

Take some time to learn more about different user personas and how you can work with them to understand your employees better. Your organization will only benefit regardless of the technology you use.

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