5 Ways to Enhance Customer Experience Through Improved Content Management and Communication

Every business hopes to create the best customer experience possible. After all, you can’t succeed without your customers! However, sometimes it can be hard to determine how best to accomplish this goal.

One important way to enhance customer experience is through improving your content management and, by extension, communication with customers. Bad content management leads to bad communication. When your communication isn’t clear, relevant, or helpful to your customers—or, worse, you don’t communicate with them enough—the result will be unhappy customers who are unlikely to do business with you again.

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So, what are the most important ways you can improve your content management for your customers’ benefit?

1. Clean Up Outdated Content

Outdated content is a constant problem for any business that communicates with their customers. It’s time to do a communication “audit”: read through all the emails or messages that you send to your customers. Yes, it’s a big task, but you’ll almost certainly find older messages that contain outdated content or even inaccuracies. Deleting or replacing this content will also benefit your operations by freeing up storage space!

2. Unify Branding

Unified branding is crucial from a marketing standpoint. A comprehensive visual identity can inspire more customer loyalty and vastly improve brand recognition. But branding often changes over a long period of time—so this is another step to take during your “audit” of your communication. Whenever you see outdated visuals, logos, or messaging, take the time to replace them with the correct versions.

3. Reduce Human Error

Unfortunately, many companies still rely on emailing documents back and forth to collaborate or gain necessary approvals. This is a process fraught with difficulties and the potential for errors and miscommunication. Many old content management systems don’t fare much better. When you upgrade to a modern, AI-enabled content management system like M-Files, you and your employees can collaborate with ease. Not only will this sort of system make your company more efficient, but it’ll also reduce human errors that annoy and confuse your customers.

4. Use a CRM

A CRM is the best way to leverage software to improve your customer experience. Although it doesn’t generally manage documents, a CRM manages customer contact information, keeps records of all customer interaction, and can personalize messages sent to each customer. A robust CRM is invaluable to your sales and customer relations team. A CRM can also help improve customer communication: by keeping a closer eye on how and when you interact with customers, you can find the gaps when you should communicate more, for example. You can also take note of customer preferences for a more personalized experience.

5. Integrate Software

Of course, a CRM is useful on its own, but you won’t unlock the true power of a CRM until it’s integrated with your other software like your content management system or your ERP. Just like emailing documents back and forth, data transfer between non-integrated systems can cause errors and miscommunication. Take a look at which integration solutions are available to you before you select a content management system. For example, M-Files has a Salesforce integration that connects all business data across your company.

Ready to Get Started?

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