Feeling Stuck? 4 Ways You Can Encourage Renewed Digital Transformation in the Workplace

Digital transformation is not an easy process. It’s not a short process, either. Because of the rapid pace of technological innovation, keeping up with the emerging technology in your field can be daunting, expensive, and exhausting. Sometimes, although your company has accomplished some digital transformation, forward movement can stall.

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The Association for Intelligent Information Management (AIIM) suggests several reasons why your company’s digital transformation may be stalling. Your employees may lack the necessary skills to use new technology, your needs may be more complex than previously, and you may not have the right funding or culture to tackle any new projects.

So, what can you do? We’re going to cover four ways that you can encourage renewed digital transformation in the workplace.

Get Renewed Buy-In 

Without support from executives, management, and employees, nearly any project will fail. To encourage renewed digital transformation, you’ll need renewed buy-in from the people around you.

To gain the support of executives and management, you’ll need to prove the value of digital transformation. When you’re presenting possible innovations, emphasize the ROI of each project as well as how each project meets your company’s specific business goals. Consider each project from a strategic standpoint.

To get other employees on board, emphasize each project’s contribution to overall profitability and efficiency. How will this project make their job easier? How will it help the company succeed? Bring in a strategic viewpoint with them, too.

Choose Projects Wisely 

Beware of jumping onto every new trend that you find. If you choose a digital transformation project that doesn’t align with your company’s goals, your project will likely fail or get cut. If you choose a project that you don’t have the resources or knowledge to support, your project will certainly fail.

In fact, sometimes you may need to put a stop to existing projects that fall into one of these categories. While you may regret the lost investment of time and money, it doesn’t make sense to continue investing time and money into a project that’s doomed to fail.

Invest in Employees

Without your employees—especially your I.T. employees—you won’t achieve digital transformation. This isn’t a one-person show! You’ll need very tech savvy people to implement tech savvy solutions.

However, many companies are finding it hard to attract highly skilled I.T. workers without overstretching their budget. If that’s true for you, there’s a solution! Work to train the employees you already have. Pay for them to attend certification courses or other professional development opportunities. Give them time to learn new skills. Hire new employees to do the day-to-day work of I.T. so that your most skilled employees can focus on higher-order projects.

Celebrate Small Innovations 

Lastly, it’s vital to celebrate the small innovations that your I.T. team makes. If you don’t have the budget or time to tackle a huge transformation, focus on making your existing solutions faster, smoother, or more automated. Streamline anything and everything you can. This will keep your company taking small steps on the road to digital transformation.

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