The Basics of Digital Dexterity and Its Benefits

Over the last three years, we’ve seen many debates about where and how work is done best. As some companies remain remote, some allow hybridity, and some insist on workers returning to the office, workplace norms seem to change on a daily basis. No matter what model your business decides on, it will only be successful if you have a strong digital and technological foundation on which to build. This foundation is called “digital dexterity.”

Digital dexterity is essential for any company to thrive. Read on to learn more about what digital dexterity means, how it can benefit your business, and how you can achieve it.

Defining Digital Dexterity

Digital dexterity means how adaptable your employees—and your company as a whole—are to new technologies. How easy is it to implement a new software system at your company? Do existing systems, training processes, and employee attitudes allow for an easy transition? Or is the path fraught with resistance and technical difficulties?

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Of course, no digital transformation occurs without any issues. But it makes a big difference whether your employees and operations adapt quickly or slowly to the change. Digitally dexterous employees are willing to learn new technology and support others who need to learn as well.

Benefits of Digital Dexterity

 Digital dexterity has a wide range of benefits. When you transform your business digitally and encourage your employees to take full advantage of the technology available to them, your company will benefit. In the first place, automating mundane tasks boosts employee efficiency, productivity, and satisfaction. With the resources that new digital tools free up, you can better align your resources with your long-term goals for the company. Lastly, when your workforce can adapt quickly, you can keep your business on the cutting edge of technology, which will not only benefit your operations, but also keep and attract highly skilled employees.

Tools to Consider 

Digital dexterity can involve many technologies. Some of the most important tools for your company’s digital dexterity are:

  • An ERP that connects systems, automates processes, and unifies data across your company
  • A document management system that promotes collaboration, puts important information at the tips of your fingers, and keeps your documents secure (take a look at M-Files if you’re looking for a system like this!)
  • Data analytics and reporting tools that help you make informed decisions at any level of the company

There are, of course, many other digital tools that you could implement. Digital dexterity is more about the stance your employees and your company as a whole have to digital transformation and implementation.

How to Promote Digital Dexterity 

So, how can you promote digital dexterity in your company? Here are a few ideas:

  • Talk to your employees about their experiences with and thoughts about the existing technologies they’re using. An anonymous survey may encourage more honesty. In this way, you can get an idea of the best places to improve digital dexterity in your company.
  • Get leadership buy-in from the beginning. If managers aren’t supportive or curious about new technologies, few of their employees will be.
  • Encourage ongoing training and give your employees resources for professional development and learning new skills.
  • Communicate clearly and often about your plans for digital transformation. Keep employees involved every step of the way: a new technology should never come as a surprise to anyone when it’s implemented.

There’s always more to do to maintain digital dexterity, but these steps will give you a good start.

Laminin Can Help

Do you need a partner in your journey towards digital dexterity? Laminin can help. We can partner with you to implement exceptional digital tools like M-Files and Interject. Contact us today to get started.