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We help business small to large, improve the value of the information for the users in the business and reduce the cost of having it. Our focus is guided by our proprietary methodology, RapidLeanInfo, based on principles of Lean. The Lean principles are tuned to maximise the value derived from information as a primary business resource. We deliver results by combining expertise in a range of related products with a wealth of practical industry and business experience.

1 What can we do for your organisation?

data solutions

Data Solutions

Update your approach to information management and connect data across platforms and systems. Unlock your information with CRM, ERP, ECM, DMS, custom-built web applications and other data integration applications.

business intelligence

Business Intelligence

Improve business intelligence with application implementation. MS SQL server, Talend, Excel, and other tools could assist your team to understand the information better across multiple sources.

information management training

User Training

Change information behaviour through coaching and training. Custom built training to remove specific blockages and improve the way your team work with the information in your business.

2Our Core Services & Products


Easy to use content and document management software application that solves the problems of managing, finding, and tracking documents and information in companies and organisations.


Epicor Service Partner

Authorized Epicor Service Partner with in depth knowledge of implementing, training, upgrading, customizing, enhancing and integrating with the Epicor ERP software.

MFSQL Connector

MFSQL Connector

Synchronize, explore and use M-Files metadata from your vault in MS SQL. A framework for developers to build special applications.