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Your Technology Shouldn’t Slow You Down

At Laminin Solutions, we know you have a lot to do. We believe you shouldn’t have to deal with inefficient information management that causes headaches and keeps you from being productive. That’s why we offer integrated document management and workflow automation to improve efficiency, allowing your business to run smoothly every day.

Exceptional Technology from an Experienced Team

Our team has decades of experience with business, systems, and processes, so we aren’t just familiar with how frustrating bad information systems can be—we know how to make them better, too. When you’re ready for intelligent information management systems that will decrease frustration and increase efficiency, then you’re ready to improve your business with integrated document management and workflow automation systems that work.

What We Offer

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Document management and intelligent information management improving access to information throughout your organization.

MFSQL Connector®

Extending M-Files® integrations and reporting in collaboration with your own in-house SQL systems.

Epicor Services

Enhancing and extending your Epicor Enterprise or Epicor ERP investment with a wide variety of services.


Improving efficiency and business insights using Excel, a tool your users already know.

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If you’re tired of inefficient systems, constant issues, and serving technology rather than it serving you, choose Laminin Solutions today and experience:

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