Laminin Solutions host webinars to provide customers and potential clients with hands-on demonstrations of M-Files, MFSQL Connector™ and more.

MFSQL Connector™ Webinar Series

Part 1: Build Integrations with Third Party Applications

This live demonstration will Demonstrate how to use MFSQL Connector™ to integrate M-Files with other applications and cover the following topics:

  • Use helper tools to align the data between M-Files and the third-party application
  • Create target tables in SQL
  • Make structure changes in M-Files and update SQL
  • Use helper tools to create value list lookups in SQL and align the data between applications
  • Update value list items from SQL to M-Files
  • Insert new records from the third party applications into M-Files

Introduction of MFSQL Connector

This webinar will demonstrate MFSQL Connector, a new M-Files Add-on developed by Laminin Solutions that integrates M-Files with SQL with two-way integration. The demonstration starts with a blank database and update metadata from SQL into M-Files within the hour.