MFSQL Connector Webinars

Laminin Solutions host webinars to provide customers and potential clients with hands-on demonstrations of M-Files, MFSQL Connector™ and more.  We also produce training and guidance videos to support our products and services.  All of our videos can be access on the Laminin Solutions YouTube Channel

MFSQL Connector™ Video and Webinar Series


  1. Webinar to introduce MFSQL Connector
  2. Webinar on using MFSQL Connector to build third party applications
  3. Webinar and videos on Practical Examples of using MFSQL Connector

Practical examples of using MFSQL Connector

The following series of videos and webinar recordings show practical examples on using MFSQL Connector.  The following videos and recordings are included:

  • Introduction to the series on practical examples covering background of the product, its use and installation
  • Getting starting after the initial installation
  • Working with the metadata structure in SQL
  • Adding new M-Files object from SQL

The scripts used in this series is available for download Further videos will be added to this series.

Introduction to practical example series

Getting Started

Metadata Structure Changes

Adding new M-Files Object in SQL

Build Integrations with Third Party Applications

This live demonstration will Demonstrate how to use MFSQL Connector™ to integrate M-Files with other applications and cover the following topics:

  • Use helper tools to align the data between M-Files and the third-party application
  • Create target tables in SQL
  • Make structure changes in M-Files and update SQL
  • Use helper tools to create value list lookups in SQL and align the data between applications
  • Update value list items from SQL to M-Files
  • Insert new records from the third party applications into M-Files

Introduction of MFSQL Connector

This webinar will demonstrate MFSQL Connector, a new M-Files Add-on developed by Laminin Solutions that integrates M-Files with SQL with two-way integration. The demonstration starts with a blank database and update metadata from SQL into M-Files.