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Laminin Solutions is proud to be an Interject partner. Interject is a platform that allows you to quickly add features to improve and/or extend an existing database system (ERP, CRM, BI, etc.) utilizing Microsoft Excel’s familiar user interface. The platform is also a report writer that keeps spreadsheets connected with the original data sources.

Why Choose Interject

Interject offers a robust Financial Reporting solution going far beyond what accountants are accustomed to with the now retired FRx application.

Interject’s functionality is extendable into other areas of your business regardless of the back-end data repository, including other modules to the likes of Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable as well as reaching out to data sources via straightforward SQL Connections or more complex Web API calls.

  • Choose Interject as your FRx replacement and improve efficiencies in your accounting processes ranging from Journal Management through Close Management and Variance Analysis through Financial Reporting drill-down analysis and publication.
  • Choose Interject to combine the power and flexibility of Microsoft Excel with a platform designed by accountants for accountants tapping into the rich data sources in your business independent.

Interject Features

With Interject, you can quickly improve your most repetitive, complex challenges in your financial close and accounting cycle. The patent-pending Interject platform is uniquely flexible, quick to implement and leverages IT development best practices for spreadsheets. Take your financial reporting to the next level and go beyond the limits of your existing process.

  • Build reports directly in your spreadsheets
  • Automate complex report workbooks
  • Add custom drills and security within your reports
  • Track report template versions and user activity
  • Handle two-way communication between databases
  • Build tailored spreadsheet applications for budgeting, close management, financial accountability, audit utilities, ERP extensions and more.

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Use Cases of Interject

Super Fast General Ledger Access

Interject helps a large multi-state organization save 660 productive hours per month, by shortening access times to highly used data sources. Using a low end fully loaded labor cost factor of $30 per hour, that equates to minimum $240,000 of labor time saved.

Reporting Right in MS Excel

Interject helps the end user use MS Excel to access a suite of tools to report financial and operational data. A large client uses Interject reporting exclusively to support all SEC 10K and 10Q reporting, which equates to 1.2M report queries per year with limited hardware requirements.

Consolidated Financials with Accountability

Interject provides consolidated financial reporting within MS Excel that not only report on data and variances, but are interactive as well. The software is used for monthly actuals variance analysis, monthly projections to prior projection analysis and for annual budget reviews.

Visibility and Collaboration in Financial Close

Interject provides collaborative visibility on the status of tasks and progress during the monthly financial close period. Real-time tracking of reconciliations or journal entries, which allow supervisors to sign off on certain steps increase efficiencies.

Balance Sheet Reconciliation Management

Interject offer the best of both worlds for some organizations that want to keep reconciliations in spreadsheets while having enterprise features, such as visibility to see which reconciliations are completed, are signed off by appropriate personnel, have direct access to the files where ever they are saved on the network, and can verify that reconciliations are still valid compared to the current general ledger.

Streamlining Journal Entry Management

Interject provides a Journal Entry Control process that can be integrated into an ERP to shave significant time off a monthly close process, provide better visibility for management, and traceability for audits.

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About Interject

Founded by a technology savvy CPA in 2006, Interject is focused on removing the frustration that starts where enterprise software ends and spreadsheets begin. Interject aligns this “last mile” to help business teams save time, work more efficiently, reduce costs and make the most of BI reporting and dashboard visualisations.

Interject has helped large and small clients across a range of industries to improve their processes, reporting timeliness, and data quality in areas including the financial close, budgeting, consolidated reporting, secure payroll reporting, and data collection from field locations. Interject provides a lean and scalable approach to solving complex problems. Learn More