ABBYY provide easy-to-use software that helps their customers improve efficiency and productivity and reduce costs by unlocking information from paper scans. Information is Power!

Laminin Solutions uses ABBYY to help transfer information into useable knowledge.  Big efficiency gains are possible by streamlining resource intensive activities through quicker and smarter access to all data.

Overview of ABBYY FineReader 11

ABBYY deliver a powerful set of features to simplify, speed-up and optimise everyday work with documents and images. This delivers efficiency gains across the business by replacing the manually repetitive work or retyping or searching for “locked” information such as image only PDFs, jpegs, tifs, gifs and paper documents. Staff are then freed up to be more productive with their valuable time.  This flash movie describes the process – ABBYY_Demo

Products available from ABBYY

ABBYY FineReader 11 – Professional & Corporate Editions

OCR software turns scans, PDFs and digital photographs into searchable and editable documents. Unmatched recognition accuracy and conversion capabilities virtually eliminate retyping and reformatting. Intuitive use and one-click automated tasks let you do more in fewer steps.

ABBYY FlexiCapture

The next generation of intelligent, accurate and highly scalable data capture and document processing software. It provides a single entry point to automatically transform the stream of different forms and documents of any structure and complexity into business-ready data. With automatic document classification and data capture features, ABBYY FlexiCapture helps organizations of any kind with any volume of paperwork significantly increase efficiency by automating paper-based business processes.

ABBYY Recognition Server

The ideal choice for organizations that are looking for an efficient automated OCR server and document capture software. This robust, powerful yet simple server-based OCR solution is designed for mid- to high-volume document processing across large departments and enterprises. It can be either deployed as a standalone program or integrated with a third-party system such as DMS, RMS, and electronic archiving system.

ABBYY Scan Station

An easy-to-use document scanning software both for high-volume batch document capture using production-level scanners and everyday scanning of small amounts of documents. With ABBYY Scan Station paper documents can turn into accessible and structured knowledge in just several minutes, using any scanning device.

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