What Clients Say


“We have deployed the MFSQL Connector at Brown McFarlane to support the integration with Navision and provide deep analysis of the objects and metadata for data cleansing. The Connector has already delivered real benefits by using the power of SQL and updating M-Files very quickly.  The Connector is also the platform for several other initiatives that are in the pipeline.  Laminin Solutions provided excellent support to us and our customer. They were very responsive and assisted us in getting the most from the Connector to the benefit of Brown McFarlane.”

Spirit Circuits

“Spirit Circuits has been a M-Files user from 2009 and deployed MFSQL Connector in 2014.  We are proud to be the first customer to put it to the test. The Connector was deployed in Spirit Circuits to support a number of special applications around M-Files.  Although M-Files is our main system for operations,  special applications were necessary to meet the requirements of our customers and other operations that falls outside of the scope of M-Files.  Laminin Solutions was very instrumental in developing these applications using Code On Time and MFSQL Connector. These applications now integrate seamlessly with M-Files.   MFSQL Connector has made this possible without having to resort to bespoke application development using the M-Files APIs for every application that we required.  We would like to recommend MFSQL Connector as the platform where you require special applications around M-Files.  We would also like to commend Laminin Solutions for their continued support over many years.  Martin Randall – Managing Director.”


“… we are quoting MFSQL all the time and think it’s a fantastic product!  Our guys are highly skilled systems integrators and value MFSQL as a valuable tool to enhance the amazing M-Files solutions we provide to our clients.”



We hired Laminin Solutions to apply Lean Information principles to our financial systems and management accounts. This resulted in a complete overhaul of our accounts structure and the implementation of integrated project costing. Laminin Solutions worked seamlessly (and adjusted their approach) across all areas of our company, liaising with the senior management team and with our accounts and office
management areas. I can’t recommend Laminin Solutions enough and the Lean Information experience has finally given us real insight into where our costs are and what  delivers our profit – invaluable when making investment and growth  decisions.

Ian PainterSnowflake Software

I have known Le Roux for many years but only in the last year have I had the pleasure of working with him. I first contacted Laminin Solutions to assist with improving the speed and document flow of our quotation process in our sales office. This task was very quickly executed and the improvement was phenomenal, we are now working with them on a much broader project whereby our whole document flow and management is being up graded. Laminin Solutions is an absolute delight to work with and they have endless knowledge and enthusiasm for their work. Without doubt the relationship has become an asset to our business.

Steve DriverCEOSpirit Circuits

Stickleback Manufacturing is a small company looking to make a big impact on the PCB industry. Laminin Solutions has provided expert advice and services to us and has been an absolute pleasure to work with.

The introduction of M files into our company is allowing us to manage our information efficiently and despite the short time we have been working with it, I can already see the fantastic results emerging.

Laminin Solutions, has provided me with an extraordinary level of much needed support and continues to do as we work with them to develop our project further. I would gladly and enthusiastically recommend their services to anybody!

Stacey DriverCEOStickleback

Thank you, Laminin Solutions, with all your support and advice using M-Files; you were fantastic.

Jonathan BryceCEORadford & Sergeant

Laminin Solutions is passionate about technology and the potential savings to business when embraced properly. Their patience in explaining new products through to implementation on what is a steep learning curve for many are their major asset. M Files is now making a difference to Knightsure Insurance Brokers in terms of time management and data security.

Tony KnightCEOKnightsure

Laminin Solutions knows M-Files inside out and their knowledge was invaluble (and still is) while setting up and deploying our document management system.

Chris PattersonCEOScott Aerospace Ltd

Laminin Solutions always takes time to understand fully the clients issues and requirements. They works to a tight schedule, maintaining focus and keeping projects moving. They are never forceful, and always takes account of the clients needs, pressures and limitations. Le Roux is a very personable consultant who always looks at the wider picture.

Clive TongueCEOThe Little Shipmates Family

Genesis Management Consulting

I had the good fortune to work with Le Roux at Deloitte over a number of years. After he left, we went our different ways. However, when re became re-acquainted in Europe, I had no hesitation in deciding to work with him in both supporting me in addressing my knowledge management issues in Genesis Management Consulting, and also commencing in a joint venture with him to develop a software product. Le Roux has an excellent understanding of technology and how businesses can benefit from harnessing its power. Furthermore, he has immense capacity in assisting people with significantly lesser technology skills in comprehending and using technology. Finally, I have found him to be a man with immense integrity and a positive personality, which makes him a pleasure to work with.

Simon GiffordCEOGenesis Management Consulting

Le Roux has helped to build a specialised work management system on Laminin’s platform technology that is ideal for our current needs, and on which we can build as the business develops. The process has been that much easier because Le Roux listens, is responsive, and is also a pleasure to work with.

Nicola ProudlockDirectorNew Leaf Law