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M-Files offers Microlink a case management solution enabling them to provide high quality disability related management services. The system controls the progress of cases with full access to all the supporting documents, emails and key performance information, driving new levels of service and performance to Microlink clients.


As the largest independent supplier of Assistive Technology and disability related management services, Microlink manages each employee requiring support as a case. All the related information of the employee, their medical condition, together with the support required and provided, must be tracked. As each case progresses over time the state of completion and details of all the activity related to completion of the support are carefully monitored. Clients engage Microlink to provide an end-to-end management service to their own staff adhering to strict service level agreements and to provide detailed management information. This enables the clients to improve the overall support that they provide to their own employees that may require additional assistance.


To support the management of each case, with the underlying work orders and related information of the employee and case statistics, it was vitally important for Microlink to find a solution that could be rapidly deployed and which was flexible enough to cater for all the different requirements of their corporate clients.  In addition to being able to record a wide range of different data fields for each event, it was also necessary to manage the status of each event and track the assignment and accountability for the completion of the various stages.

With hundreds of new cases every week, and many more work orders created for each activity that had to be performed, it was necessary to closely monitor the performance of the different sections of staff that are involved in providing the service.   Weekly management information to monitor the compliance with service level agreements and to stay within the performance criteria was also required.

M-Files, a powerful, yet flexible workflow, information management and document management solution, was deployed, configured and implemented in 10 weeks from the date of first contact to going live.  With the fully customisable objects and properties of M-Files, Microlink could define the nomenclature and processes for every data element to fit their specific operational needs.

M-Files provided full control of the case flow and the ability to ‘slice and dice’ the information from all angles to analyse performance and produce weekly updates to their clients.

In addition to having easy access to the information, the rapid search and easy view capabilities of the system gives the employee, or client, further detail or additional support when needed.  Microlink also extended appropriate direct web access to the cases to key suppliers providing instant updates and enhancement to service quality to the employees.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Allow Microlink to acquire new clients and to retain a large current client base with increasing levels of demand for analytic reporting of key performance statistics and compliance
  • Full transparency and control of the status of each case for all the service delivery teams which significantly increased the ease and response time for customer queries
  • Easy access to all the information, status, history and documents associated with each case and work order resulting in a reduction in the time taken to investigate queries and follow up actions
  • Reporting and action of eminent breaches of deadlines thus reducing the number of breaches and improving the overall results of the key performance criteria
  • Monitoring and reporting of key performance indicators to comply with the stringent requirements of clients, including rapid response to include new criteria
  • Providing data about the medical conditions, associated cost of support and types of intervention, resulting in improving the overall quality of service and selection of types of support.

When we needed it most, Laminin Solutions were able to rapidly deploy M-Files to meet the changing needs of our largest corporate customers. The case management and workflow has significantly improved the control that we have over the deployment of each case and improved our service level performance for the completion of each step and overall cost control. M-Files have improved our competitive advantage and the level of service we can offer our customers and the special needs of their staff.

Dr Nasser Siabi OBE Chief ExecutiveMicrolink

About Microlink

Microlink is the UK’s largest independent supplier of Assistive Technology and disability related management services.  Their MiDRAS programme and joined up approach in disability management provides end-to-end solutions for the disabled employees within any organisation in support of The Equality Act 2010 which requires all companies to adopt a reasonable adjustment policy.

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