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Connexions is a service in England for all young people aged 13 to 19, and those aged up to 25 who have learning difficulties or disabilities. They wanted to conduct a survey entitled Participation in Positive Activities (PIPA) amongst roughly 9,500 of their young people. The results would require the capture of approximately 13 data items per person and all of the returned information would then need to be entered into the Connexions database. Estimating only a 50% participation rate would have meant over 60,000 data items flooding the Connexions staff that would then have to record the data manually.

Key Features

FlexiCapture met all of the most important criteria for Connexions. First on the list was a cost-efficient solution with a significantly high and quick return on the initial investment. Next, Maddison wanted a solution that was robust but easy to use and which afforded them flexibility in the type and design of the forms they used. The stability and reliability of the software was also critical to Connexions, which means that forms would need to be read consistently even if they were less than perfect or even if they had been created on a wide range of print devices. Last but of equal importance, was the speed with which the software processed the forms. With so many survey results arriving in a short period, the job had to be done quickly in order to ensure the relevance and usability of the collected data.


After ten months in operation, FlexiCapture has helped Connexions reduce the time to process survey results from many weeks to just two days and has eliminated the need to hire temporary staff. In this time, well over 15,000 forms have been processed and Connexions expects that number to reach nearly 30,000 within the coming months by which time they estimate to have already recouped their costs.

ABBYY FlexiCapture simply makes possible tasks that we would not have been able to undertake before, and has streamlined our survey process so that our staff has less work to do on administration and can focus their time on working with young people.

Steve MaddisonKnowledge ManagerConnexions

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