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Every business has information

Information is the life blood of any organisation. Without information, it’s impossible to see how you and your competitors are performing. Without aims and objectives based on robust data a business cannot survive long term. It’s that simple.

The digital age produces more information than we ever thought possible, offering today’s commerce huge opportunities to grow and become better at serving the customer. Unfortunately, in the majority of cases, this surfeit of information has become a burden rather than a benefit.

Hidden information is your treasure

In the most cases, your vital information is hidden within shared files and folders. Workers simply can’t find it when they need it. The physical clutter of badly managed documents is as counter-productive in electronic form as it is in physical form.

Company information MUST be available immediately to the right person at the right time. If you can’t find the information you need, the cost associated of capturing, sorting and storing that information is completely wasted. That’s why it’s important that you have robust data systems to handle your documents and other data objects in whatever format they appear.

Good information management is key

Contracts, proposals, manuals, terms and conditions, emails…all these documents must be available under intuitive search terms using a straight forward and updateable interface. This is nothing new. Most businesses realise the value of a robust company information system but few are investing the resources to acquire it.

Companies who want to succeed must carry out an audit of their systems and teams. Find the pain points in data management and, most importantly, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Laminin Talks

Laminin Solutions specialise in Enterprise Management Solutions, helping businesses of any size to optimise their information and reduce the cost of having it.

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lc-blog-profile (ID 33557)I’ve had the privilege to work in large global companies across the world and run a local small business. I’ve experienced the complexity of big business and the lack of resources and money of small business. I’ve been frustrated by the bureaucracy of large corporations to implement change and fascinated by the agility in a SMB. These experiences have tuned my understanding of information management across businesses of a variety of sizes and industries.

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